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EE Kestrel review: A surprisingly good 4G Android for just £99

Handset supplied by EE EE’s first own-brand smartphone is one of the lowest-priced 4G handsets on the market. The Kestrel delivers a surprising amount for a super-budget Android device, but has some tough competition even at £99. Manufactured by Huawei, the Kestrel is actually a rebranded Huawei Ascend G6 with a downgraded camera – but with UK users relatively unaware …

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Holly BrockwellEE Kestrel review: A surprisingly good 4G Android for just £99

HTC One Max review

Type: Android phablet Price as reviewed: £500 Things have been tricky for HTC over the past few years – mainly due to competition from rivals such as Samsung and Apple. Anyhow, despite this, they have managed to create possibly one…

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NicholasFearnHTC One Max review

Review: Roberts Revival Cath Kidston DAB electric flower limited edition radio

Cath Kidston is well known for her quirky floral styles and is a popular choice for celebrity clothing. However, it seems she's not content with just conquering the clothing world, moving into the tech market too. She's teamed up with…

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Andrea PetrouReview: Roberts Revival Cath Kidston DAB electric flower limited edition radio

Short term HDTV test: The LG LCD 42LH5000


Despite having written about HDTVs for a long time, and even compiling an in depth guide to buying one, I’ve never had my hands on one for longer than a week. This all changed when LG delivered the delightful looking LG 42LH5000 to my house to my (and my flatmates) unequivocal delight. But once I’d unpacked it from its mounds of bubble wrap and peeled off the stickers would I find it a joy to use, or would the manual be more complicated than the Gaza peace treaty?

Read on to find out about my experiences with it.

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Zara RabinowiczShort term HDTV test: The LG LCD 42LH5000

Shiny Headphone review: Sennheiser PMX 80 Sport II

seen headphones.jpg

Way back in March I told you all about 5 new sporty models from Sennhesier and I’ve been dutifully putting the PMX 80 Sport 11 through its paces to see if it can stand up to the rough and ready confines of my gym bag plus the large amount of acidic sweat that’s an inevitable part of sports ‘phones.


The words functionality over form springs to mind when taking a look at these hot orange headphones, as they’re designed to be useful pieces of kit rather than super stylish accessories, But hey, they’re sports phones, and what really matters here is that they can cope with my semi-strenuous workout schedule (and general disregard for headphone care). I like how they rest across the back of the head, as this means they’re very secure when running, and the plastic band rests very comfortably and doesn’t chafe. They’re also designed to be swear and water resistant and seem to stand up to prolonged workouts well.

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Zara RabinowiczShiny Headphone review: Sennheiser PMX 80 Sport II

Shiny Review: AKG 430 headphones


The latest pair of headphones to grace my desk are the delightful AKG 430s. This is a relatively new brand to the market, but seeing as these ‘phone are backed by Harmon Kardon of in car sound stereo fame, you could generally guess that creating high quality sound would be an important aspect to these. And the verdict? Read on to find out.

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Zara RabinowiczShiny Review: AKG 430 headphones

Shiny review: Etymotic hf2 in ear headphones

etymotic phones.jpg

I’ve been using these for a while and am so impressed by the sound quality and the amazing contoured ear buds that I just had to share my experience with you. I’m quite pernickety when it comes to headphone as I have quite a large criteria that’s normally very difficult to fulfill, but the hf2′s do a stalwart job of living up to my expectations.


They come packaged in a rather large box, but once you’ve ripped it to shreds you’re left with a small pouch to keep them in with a variety of extra ear buds in differing sizes. I’ve been using the red ones, and as you can see from the pic, they really resemble the promo shots. The metallic red is a nice dark colour, and you also get a handy clip

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Zara RabinowiczShiny review: Etymotic hf2 in ear headphones