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What professional photographers really think of your Instagrams #PhotoWeek

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One of the best things about the advent of apps, sharing sites and high-tech cameras in recent years is the way we all get to pretend we’re photographers. Thankfully the days of getting your holiday snaps back to find a roll of 30 blurry, thumb-obscured disasters are a mere memory – one that we’ve quickly…

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Battle of the 20s: the 20MP Sony Xperia Z2 and Nokia Lumia 930 cameras go head-to-head #PhotoWeek

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At the culmination of #PhotoWeek, we’re pitching two rival flagship phones with 20-megapixel cameras against each other in an epic duel of flash and film. Who’s fastest? Who’s brightest? Who takes the best selfies? It’s the waterproof Android Sony Xperia Z2 vs the weighty Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 930 in a fight to the photo…

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Nokia Lumia 930 review: Nokiasoft’s first flagship is pretty good – for a Windows Phone

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With Nokia’s devices division now completely owned by Microsoft, the happy couple’s first high-end joint venture is this glossy, blocky handset with the best Windows Phone specs we’ve seen. The Lumia 930 certainly looks the part, but is this the phone to finally tempt Android and iOS fans into the Windows Phone stable? The handset…

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A view from a bridge: which London bridge has the best view? #PhotoWeek

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Image via Vladimir Rogers at Flickrcc London has multiple bridges straddling the River Thames, many of them providing incredible views spanning the city - they are tourist honeypots in their own right, and quite rightly so. Whether you're walking, driving or cycling, whether it's stormy or sunny, each bridge provides a unique view of the vast…

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Spruced Up! examples page

Spruced Up: Meet the app that will make our photos perfect

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Just when you thought life was filtered enough, a new tool comes along to set the bar for photo perfection even higher. Unlike the usual amateur apps, Spruced Up! offers the chance to have your photos retouched by professionals. Founded by photographer Rob Willingham, the team behind the screen claim to have had a hand…

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How to get more likes on your selfies, as told by science

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Do you constantly wonder why you're not getting as many likes on your selfies as your friends? Wonder no more, as apparently there may be a secret formula you're not using. A researcher at MIT, Aditya Khosla, scoured 2.3 million images from Flickr in order to determine whether it was possible to predict whether or…

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This iPhone lens wallet is a must-have for iPhoneographers

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PhotoJoJo, the go-to site for the best camera accessories and quirky photography gadgets, now sells an iPhone Lens Wallet, which is a must-have for Instagram fans and those who are a little obsessed with iPhoneography (and not to mention all of the tiny bits and pieces that come along with it). You can buy the…

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Selfies in the changing room? Has Karl Lagerfeld gone too far this time?

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Karl Lagerfeld, famous for being a world-renowned fashion designer and expressing a creepy desire to marry his cat, has had iPads built into the walls of the changing rooms inside his new flagship store in London. The reason? To encourage people to take more changing room selfies, of course! According to reports, the store will…

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Ellen DeGeneres officially wins at selfies with star-studded Oscars photo

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Ellen DeGeneres has managed to break the record for most retweets EVER with this awesome star-studded selfie taken at last night's Oscars. If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) March 3, 2014 So far the tweet has had more than two and a half million retweets and counting,…

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Inappropriate selfies Tumblr – think funerals, car crashes and worse

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Today's Tumblr needs to approached with a degree of caution for it is a gallery of people shooting selfies in rather inappropriate places. Like this fella who shot himself with a large fire burning behind him. There's much, much worse too. Be warned. the site is called Selfies At Serious Places and you can find…

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Has Nokia just confirmed the EOS PureView 41mp cameraphone?

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One of the most exciting phones of 2013 looks set to be Nokia's 41 mega pixel cameraphone the EOS PureView. Except that the handset hasn't yet been confirmed by the company. Or has it? Nokia posted the above image on its blog today "41 Million Reasons" in na bid to encourage punters to tune into…

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Nokia's EOS PureView – looks like it could be the most desirable new phone of the summer

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So how do you differentiate your flagship phone from your rivals?If you are Samsung you go for a larger screen size and stack it out with software goodies. If you are Sony you make it waterproof and ensure that the build quality is outstanding. And as for Nokia, well the maker seems to be focusing…

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After Tumblr Yahoo turns its attention to Flickr

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Yesterday was a pretty busy day for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Not only did she finish ensuring that the deal to buy blogging service Tumblr had gone through she then turned her attention to the phoot sharing service Flickr which Yahoo bought a while ago. Perhaps stung by criticism that Yahoo has not really moved…

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Firebox's clever mini Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

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Back in the ancient days - well before digital cameras got any good in around 2002 - to take a picture involved pointing and shooting using a camera that captured the image on 35mm film. There was of course no reviewing or deleting images and if you made any silly mistake loading and unloading the…

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PicMonkey for Christmas: Instagram-style photo editing gets festive

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One of our favourite online photo editing sites, PicMonkey, has had a new, festive makeover for the Christmas season, allowing users to add all kinds of snowy, wintery and twee effects to their photos. Just like before, you upload a photo to PicMonkey or drag one from your desktop if you're feeling fancy. You can…

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CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 10 Mobile photography gadgets & accessories

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Although cool lens dials or handy tripods may seem like strange Christmas presents when the rest of your family are handing out sweaters and chocolates, there are plenty of gadgets and accessories available at the moment that'd make perfect stocking fillers for mobile photography lovers. Whether you're buying for someone who's serious about their photography…

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