The SmartQ7 enters the PMP market with panache


As a huge fan of PMP’s I eagerly look at new releases, and wonder whether they’ll live up to my rigorous standards. I expect a 7 inch screen, a heap of internal memory, oh and touchscreen capabilities and internal wireless is always a bonus.

Well step up to the platform, SmartQ7, and let’s take a look inside. First impressions show a sleek silver shell, that’s available in a variety of colours and the 7 inch WVGA touchscreen definitely pleases. They’ve incorporated a li-polymer battery to give you 48 hours of music playback (with decidedly less for video as they haven’t revealed that spec).

The SmartQ7 features built in stereo speakers, a diddy little stand and the eagerly awaited Wi-Fi option, making it a very desirable piece of kit. The system is Linux based as well, which should mean quick browsing speeds, and less glitches than Vista.

There’s no word on the internal memory yet, but considering the device features two USB ports and NO SD card slot, it’s a safe bet to assume that there will be a hard disk drive lurking in there. Pricing is the final hurdle, and as yet that’s unconfirmed- as is shipping the SmartQ7 out of China, but I can see that changing.

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Zara RabinowiczThe SmartQ7 enters the PMP market with panache

CJ7 – The ever so randomly shaped MP3 player


Ok, are we just making gadgets for the sake of it now? My first impressions were WTF is this? Following an actual reading of its specs as opposed to just trying to hazard a guess, it turns out it’s an MP3 player with built-in speakers! *And* get this… it’s supposed to be a dog! Other than having four legs and a fluffy head (which incidentally looks more like a stand than actual legs) there is no indication that this thing is emulating a dog. In fact it doesn’t look like anything… other than a fluffy head on a stand!

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Lucy HedgesCJ7 – The ever so randomly shaped MP3 player

The MP3 player that masquerades as a credit card

credit crad.jpg

It’s a credit card… no wait; it’s a super thin Bluetooth emitting MP3 player disguised as a credit card, numbers and all. Whether it’s be wise to wear it around your neck like this headless model would be completely down to personal preference and how comfortable you are with constant stares of bewilderment from passers or relentlessly getting asked why you have a credit card around your neck (or being a target of thieves)! Like the majority of cool gadgets that grace the pages of Shiny Shiny, it’s sadly just a concept – but what a great concept eh?

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Lucy HedgesThe MP3 player that masquerades as a credit card

Prepare to swoon – Samsung YP-CP3 spotted


iPod owners are about to experience what it feels like to feel envious of another portable media player. And it’ll be Samsung’s YP-CP3 PMP that’ll be responsible for condition of the green eyed monster. As well as being a great piece of multimedia eye candy, with a sizeable 400 x 240 3-inch touchscreen, it comes bundled with that crucial, all important SD card slot to expand its storage (and this is about the time when iPod owners should begin to feel pangs of jealousy).

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Lucy HedgesPrepare to swoon – Samsung YP-CP3 spotted

Price cut and early arrival on the agenda for Sony Walkman X Series


Sony has finally realised that as long as this ominous recession cloud is looming, people are less likely to spend a substantial amount of their wages on music equipment, so it’s decided to reduce the X series’ un-pocket friendly prices to less un-pocket friendly prices. It’s not a mammoth price drop, but it’s still a price drop nonetheless. The 16GB model will now cost £200 (down from £214) and the 32GB model will now go for £250 (£283 before).

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Lucy HedgesPrice cut and early arrival on the agenda for Sony Walkman X Series

Affordable MP3 player alert: Philips GoGear Spark


It may be small but Philips’ GoGear Spark sure packs a lot into its compact frame. Philips even describes it as “compact in size but big on style and sound quality”. Sure, it’s not as pretty as the members of the iPod family, but it puts up a good fight. On its pretty 1.46-inch OLED colour screen you’ll be able to view album art and display pictures, it also comes with the ability to make voice recordings and play and record radio (depending on what model you get). As well as that, Philips has loaded its mini MP3 player with its proprietary FullSound audio refinement system, which aims to improve the quality of low-bitrate/ songs and prevent them from venturing down the tinny path.

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Lucy HedgesAffordable MP3 player alert: Philips GoGear Spark

Sony Walkman X Series gets priced and set free in the UK


The Sony Walkman X series was without a doubt, one of the hotter gadgets to come out of CES this year. And now we hear it’s up on Amazon UK for pre-order. Pre-ordering will get you your new personal media player within two to five weeks, which should give you just enough time to get over their un-pocket friendly prices. Available in 16 and 32GB offerings, they 16GB model (NWZ-X1050B) will set you back £214 and the 32GB version (NWZ-X1060B) £283.

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Lucy HedgesSony Walkman X Series gets priced and set free in the UK

The kiddie-esque MP3 player from Crayola


There’s me thinking Crayola only stuck to brightly coloured stationary and unnecessary amounts of crayons, and here it is with its very own MP3 player. There’s no room for swank with this – it’s about as basic (and childlike) as you can get. Forget luxuriously hi-tech gadgetry, this reaches out to your inner child and your love of the plain, the straightforward and the multicoloured technological device.

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Lucy HedgesThe kiddie-esque MP3 player from Crayola

Archos to make the move into Android based mobile handsets?


Anybody who reads Shiny will know how highly I rate Archos products, so the news that they may have a mobile lurking on the horizon is very exciting. And it’s not just a PMP enabled mobile device, no it’s going to utilise Google Android capabilities, potentially making the G1 seem redundant and outdated.

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Zara RabinowiczArchos to make the move into Android based mobile handsets?