Brilliant lighting

Insight – How intelligent lighting is set to change your home

Chris Price Gadgets & Apps, Home, Home Appliances, Uncategorized 3 Comments

Chris Price looks at some of the latest developments which are about to revolutionise your home’s lighting, including smart bulbs which can be controlled via your mobile phone and systems that can be integrated effectively with your home’s security - even provide multi-room audio! Our homes have been utterly transformed over the last 100 years.…

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It's now OK to chat to your washing machine, thanks to LG

Hayley Minn Home, Home Appliances, Tech News 1 Comment

Do you ever find yourself getting annoyed at your home appliances and start calmly talking to them to try getting them to work properly? Thanks to LG, you can now actually communicate with your fridge, washing machine, microwave and oven with a new HomeChat service. Yes, this does sound like a bizarre idea, but, hold…

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Swan launches retro kitchen appliances and we want them ALL

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We're not usually the type of people to get excited by a kettle - unless it's a smart kettle that can do a bunch of other cool things, of course - but Swan's latest range of kitchen appliances looks great. Designed to have a much more retro-like feel than any of its previous products, the…

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Sammy Screamer: terrifying (but effective) movement sensor for parents

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As a kid I threw my mum's engagement ring between the cracks in some floorboards and it was never seen again. You could say I was an awful kid, or that I was just curious and wanted to get my hands on special things. Either way, a Sammy Screamer attached to my mum's jewellery box…

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Great British Bake Off causes surge in kitchen gadget spending

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It seems shows like The Great British Bake Off, featuring Paul Hollywood (right), are leading us to splash out more on kitchen gadgets investing nearly £700 every month turning our kitchens from drab cooking spaces into high tech showrooms. More than 82% of those surveyed by Currys and PC World admitted to forking out on…

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All the gadgets you need for Al Fresco Dining at home

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No, we don't mean picnics or a sunday barbeque - this is distinctly more grown-up, dinner party-esque and posher than that. We're not quite in the Aussie's league yet, but we have come along way just in the last decade (- despite the weather playing against us). We've pretty much extended our homes and furnished…

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The Shiny Shiny guide to Espresso Makers and Coffee Machines

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Even when times are hard, our commitment to 'proper coffee' is looking like it's here to stay, with many of us still willing to fork out the equivalent of your lunch budget for a cup of the ol' Joe each morning. However, as our addiction has set in, so has our increasing demand to reproduce…

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10 Coffee machines & milk frothers for the best caffeine hit

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There are lots of coffee machines on the market today and we've collected together some of our favourites, whether it's because they're all singing, all dancing and can do pretty much anything with a coffee bean, cheap and cheerful or bright and good-looking for your kitchen. We've also added in a couple of milk frothers…

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CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 10 Quirky, sparkly and colourful lights for your home

Becca Caddy Christmas 2011, Features, Home Appliances 4 Comments

Christmas gifts don't always have to be silly (although they're often our favourites), with a little bit of forward planning you can buy a home appliance which is very practical, looks good and doesn't break the bank. Here's our pick of ten quirky, sparkly and colourful lights that are exciting enough to be wrapped up…

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5 iPad mounting accessories for walls, cars, fridges and bodies

Becca Caddy Home Appliances, Top Stories 1 Comment

One of the main reasons an iPad is so appealing is because it's slim, compact and easy to hold. But sometimes you just don't have enough limbs to hold it still, like when you're following a recipe or driving and other times you just don't want to because you're trying to relax. Sure there are…

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Rise and shine: 10 Coffee appliances we love

Becca Caddy Home Appliances, Top Stories 1 Comment

Ahh coffee, one minute it's bad for us and making us hallucinate, the next it's a miracle cure for everything from Alzheimer's to baldness. But whether you're a self confessed Starbucks addict or an "only the finest" coffee connoisseur, there's no denying how amazing the stuff is. Watch this lovely piece of coffee propaganda if…

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IFA 2011 – Samsung launches its robotic hoover the Navibot S

Becca Caddy Gadget Shows, Home Appliances 2 Comments

Wow. Samsung really has been busy. Today at IFA, the tech giant has launched its new robotic cleaning device, the Navibot S. The smart little robot promises to give you hands-free, automated cleaning just like the older model, the Navibot, but with more advanced technology and all kinds of new functionality. When Anna reviewed the…

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Weird Gadget Combination of the Day: The Dishwasher that is also a Light

Anna Leach Home Appliances 8 Comments

Fed up with your dishwasher and your kitchen light being in different places? Some genius has combined the two to make.. err... a kitchen light that is also a really small dishwasher. Don't ask us what the thought process was, we don't know. Kim Joonmin made it as a "concept". Design blog Yanko highlight some…

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Is that Ninja in your sink? no, it's a toothbrush sanitizer

Anna Leach Home Appliances 4 Comments

A toothbrush sanitiser that looks like a ninja? Yes, we're on our knees begging for more. Okay, after the initial rush of pleasure at something that combines two of our favourite things (er, actually make that one of our favourite things, we're still not totally convinced by toothbrush santisation) we thought we should drill down…

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High-Impact alarm clock Doro HearPlus shakes pillow as well as beeping the hell out of you

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If it takes more than wailing sirens to get you out of bed, maybe you should investigate the Doro HearPlus 333cl + Pillow Shaker. Pop the sturdy cuboid clock under your pillow, set its vibrate mode on, and as well as pumping out decibels and flashing a light it will start buzzing and sending vibrations…

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