Energy-efficient housing increases the risk of asthma

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Things that are good for the environment often turn out to be good for our health as well, but that’s not always the case. In fact, a new study’s found that when it comes to energy-efficient housing, people are actually more at risk of developing asthma. A research team from the University of Exeter Medical…

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New system makes spray-on solar panels a reality

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Electrical engineers in Canada have developed a new, easy way to add solar panels to flexible surfaces. Illan Kramer is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto and IBM Canada's Research and Development Centre. He and his colleagues found that using tiny, light-sensitive materials called colloidal quantum dots (CQDs) could make spray-on solar cells…

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Destiny map of the heavens

Top 12 Christmas gifts for gamers

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Buying for gamers can be tricky, especially if you're not one yourself. Whether they play on PC, console or mobile, we've got you covered for presents a whole lot more impressive than the default strategy guide. Even better, they're all available now (or in the next week) and in the UK. Shop away. …

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Impossible is a new electric bike you can keep in your backpack

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We’ve seen folding bikes before. We’ve seen electric bikes before. What we haven’t seen before is a portable electric bike that’s stylish, relatively light, and easy to carry around. Yet despite its name, as PSFK points out, the Impossible is all of those things. Or it will be, anyway. It’s currently a prototype: its inventors…

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Brilliant lighting

Insight – How intelligent lighting is set to change your home

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Chris Price looks at some of the latest developments which are about to revolutionise your home’s lighting, including smart bulbs which can be controlled via your mobile phone and systems that can be integrated effectively with your home’s security - even provide multi-room audio! Our homes have been utterly transformed over the last 100 years.…

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The Cocoon security system can protect your home with just one device

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Cocoon is a new smart home security system that uses one device (around the size of a tennis ball) to protect your whole house. (What did we tell you? Smart.) It only launched a week ago and has already hit its Indiegogo fundraising goal of $100,000 (around £62,000). It works using patented SUBSOUND™ technology to…

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Project EGG is the biggest collaborative 3D printed structure ever made

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You can do a lot of things with 3D printing: play with chocolate, make new organs, and now... create the largest collectively-made 3D printed project in the world, a pavilion in the shape of an egg (kind of). What a world. As Treehugger reports, Dutch designer Michiel van der Kley came up with the idea…

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light collage

10 beautiful and innovative lights for your home

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As winter slowly creeps in, making our nights darker and our houses (and minds) gloomier, it's important to fill your home and office spaces with as much light as possible. The right lights can improve your mood, make you more productive and leave you feeling warm and cosy with a soft glowing bulb,…

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British design firm OS31 will build a pop-up restaurant on a frozen river

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A British design firm has won a hotly-contested competition to build a cosy space in one of the coldest places in the world, according to Treehugger. It’s too frosty to enjoy many outdoor activities in Manitoba, Canada during the winter, but the city’s embraced its icy reputation and in 2010 local gallery RAW launched the…

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Massuni launches design-your-own-furniture Kickstarter

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How many times have you found the perfect piece of furniture for that awkward corner in the living room, but it’s just a couple of centimetres too big, or thought that you would have snapped up that bookcase if only the lower shelf were deep enough for your Encyclopaedia Britannica? Most of us have had…

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le Col

10 winter essentials for savvy cyclists

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With autumn rain set in, winter just around the corner and the clocks set to plunge us into 4pm darkness in less than a week, all cyclists will know that the inevitable onslaught of slippery roads, freezing fingers and reduced visibility can pose a challenge to the daily commute. But never fear - you…

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Could Dominic Wilcox’s ‘mini Cathedral’ be the driverless car of the future?

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With a future full of driverless cars looking more like reality than science fiction (watch out for them over here next year), one artist was inspired to design a new concept in self-driving vehicles. And, naturally,  it's inspired by two classic British designs: the Mini, and Durham Cathedral. As The Guardian reports, Dominic Wilcox predicts…

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Don’t drive and Siri: voice activated devices are more distracting than you’d think

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You probably don’t dial and drive and PLEASE tell me you don’t text, but you might think that using Siri or Cortana (or, if you’re fancy, the car’s in-built voice controls) isn’t a big deal. Turns out, it’s one of the biggest distractions there is. New research by the University of Utah for the AAA…

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How a clothes steamer changed my life, and other gadgets your wardrobe needs now

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I am a very creased person. No, I really am. Despite caring a fair bit about my clothes when it comes to buying them, I’m totally slack when it comes to looking after them, ironing them and making sure I don’t look like I fell asleep under a hedge. I don’t dare count the number…

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