Has LG confirmed a smartwatch and Firefox OS phone?

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LG's Bulgarian head of mobile communications, Dimitar Valev has been talking about what the company has lined up for the future, and unless the Korean maker is going to solely focus on the Bulgarian market there are some exciting products in store. In an interview with Bulgarian website Dnevnik.bg Valev confirmed that a tablet and…

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LG drops the world's slimmest and most high res smartphone display

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We are only just getting used to Full HD displays on mobile and now LG has come and upped the ante even further. The Korean maker has just announced that it has developed the world's first Quad HD (2,560 x 1,440) smartphone display - this makes it four times higher res than standard HD. It…

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What's coming next from LG? Optimus G2? New launch date unveiled

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It seems that international media events in New York are the big story at the moment in the mobile world. And here is another one. LG has announced that it will be holding a shindig on August 7th in that US city. But what will it launch? The clever money is on the latest of…

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How LG and Apple might finally make voice control really useful

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Interesting stuff coming out of the Gotta Be Mobile blog which claims that in 2014 LG will release a smartphone that is always listening out for voice commands. At the moment if you use Siri, the iPhone voice assistant, you need to hold down the home button to launch it. The key issue here is…

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Are LG about to out-Samsung their rival and deliver flexible displays?

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One of the big developments in smartphone technology over the next few years is likely to be the introduction of flexible displays. Not that they will enable us to have smartphones that bend - not until they patent flexible internal components anyhow. But it will mean that displays will be a lot less breakable than…

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O2 brings LG's Optimus L5II and L3II to the UK

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LG took the wraps off its LG's Optimus L5II and L3II smartphones just before the MWC in Barcelona In February. Since then we have been waiting for a UK network to confirm whether they are taking the phones, and now it seem that O2 has got there first. It will offer the Optimus L5II and…

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Review: The LG Optimus 3D – nice phone but our poor little eyes can't deal with the third dimension

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I'll say it straight out - I'm not convinced by 3D cameras or 3D screens. I liked watching Avatar and of course 3D cameras were involved there, but outside several select films in the cinema I find the technology to be more hype than performance. More ow than wow. My eyes are naturally squinty and…

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3D Augmented Reality comes to the LG Optimus 3d – ooo

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LG have released the world's first 3D enabled phone - the LG Optimus 3D - and now it's getting three dimensional augmented reality. That means that the objects hovering in your field of vision will now fit more seamlessly into the three-dimensional world rather than sitting flatly on top of it. Pretty lush. It also…

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LG Optimus 2X – first dual-core phone out in UK on sale this month

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The first dual core phone to go on sale in the UK will start retailing this month. The LG Optimus x2 was slated for a release in February but that's slipped back a few weeks to March. We're excited: Gerald saw the Optimus 2X at CES and really fell for the speediness The LG Optimus…

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LG Optimus Pad on sale in Japan: Has the iPad rival got what it takes?

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Uh, yeah no word on when this Android tablet is going to hit the UK, but LG just emailled us to say they're now accepting pre-sale orders and that the device will hit shelves on 14th March The Optimus Pad has a lot of people excited as a serious rival to the iPad, though apparently…

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