Wireless earphones from FreeWavz also track your fitness

Regular readers of shinyshiny will know that we recently covered a story about OwnPhones’ 3D printed earbuds, and now there’s another exciting Kickstarter project underway: FreeWavz wireless, fitness-tracking earphones. As the first 100% wire-free smart earphones with built-in fitness monitoring, they are useful for all forms of exercise. With runners’ complaints in mind, the smart earphones have been designed by an Ear …

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Sadie HaleWireless earphones from FreeWavz also track your fitness
Star 21 fitness tracker

Star.21: The £19 fitness tracker that aims to make you healthier in just 21 days

Even though we’ve all got arms full of fitness trackers, the Star.21 is a wearable with a difference. Not only does this basic band help you form healthy habits really slowly over 21 days (rather than throwing you in at the deep end like other wearables), it also costs just £19. Launched on crowd-funding website Pozible earlier this week, the …

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Becca CaddyStar.21: The £19 fitness tracker that aims to make you healthier in just 21 days

Cure for MS moves closer

We’re closer than ever to seeing a cure for MS,thanks to scientists from the New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) Research Institute. Using skin samples from people with the disease, they’ve grown new stem cells and for the first time  successfully encouraged those cells to become oligodendrocytes. These are the cells that form myelin, a protective covering that insulates the …

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Diane ShipleyCure for MS moves closer
Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.51.25

Swatch to release a fitness-tracking smartwatch by 2015

It looks like we could be seeing a fitness-focused smartwatch coming from Swatch! The watch company’s CEO, Nick Hayek, told a local newspaper that his team are planning on integrating fitness tracking functions into the Swatch Touch, which currently incorporates a touchscreen, along with the time (you’d hope so from a watch), an alarm, chronograph and date. According to Reuters, …

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Hayley MinnSwatch to release a fitness-tracking smartwatch by 2015
Nike Free Box

Nike Free Box: Nike squeezes running shoes into box 1/3 of the size

Earlier this year, Nike launched its latest running shoe, the very good-looking Nike Free 5.0, which is the brand’s most advanced and most flexible  shoe yet. Nike teamed up with Uruguay-based advertising agency Publicis Impetu to prove just how bendy these 5.0′s are and dreamed up a fun (and not to mention environmentally-friendly) campaign with a teeny tiny shoebox. According to The …

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Becca CaddyNike Free Box: Nike squeezes running shoes into box 1/3 of the size

Even positive choices stress us out, scientists find

A win-win decision sounds like it can only lead to good things, right? It’s in the name. But scientists have discovered that having two great options really stresses us out. So if you’ve ever agonised between two similar pairs of shoes, two phones with practically the same specs, or even between chocolate-covered fudge and creme caramel, this might be why. …

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Diane ShipleyEven positive choices stress us out, scientists find

Possible brain cancer cure found by scientists

Metastatic brain cancer, caused when cancer from another site spreads to the brain, is one of the deadliest forms of the disease (even more so than when cancer starts in the brain). It affects between 10 and 30% of adult cancer patients, there are no treatment options, and it’s almost always fatal. But a new study from the Cincinnati Cancer …

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Diane ShipleyPossible brain cancer cure found by scientists

Breast cancer zapped by fast new radiotherapy

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended that a revolutionary (and fast) breast cancer treatment should be offered on the NHS. Intra-operative radiation could eventually replace standard radiation treatment. As the name suggests, it takes place during surgery. After a tumour is removed, doctors use the intrabeam radiotherapy system to insert a probe into the breast …

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Diane ShipleyBreast cancer zapped by fast new radiotherapy

We could see STD-killing condoms soon

As I’m sure you know, condoms don’t only prevent pregnancy and give you the edge when an impromptu water balloon fight breaks out, they also protect against sexually transmitted diseases. But you might not be aware that they’re about to get a lot better at it, thanks to an Australian biotech firm called Starpharma. They’ve developed an antimicrobial lubricant called …

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Diane ShipleyWe could see STD-killing condoms soon

Low-frequency shock treatment could treat depression

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), also known as shock therapy, is still often shown as something terrifying and torturous that can mangle your brain and turn you into a blabbering fool. But while decades ago it was used without regard for patients’ pain thresholds or desire to retain memories, these days it’s a more civilised affair actually involving anaesthetic. And for people …

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Diane ShipleyLow-frequency shock treatment could treat depression

NHS tests patient-monitoring Wi-Fi patches

First we told you about smart bandages, now plasters get their turn to show off. The NHS is about to trial a small, wireless patch designed to monitor patients’ health. Made by Oxford-based firm Sensium Healthcare, the plaster-sized patch is battery-powered and stuck on just above the heart, where it collects information on pulse, breathing and body temperature. This data …

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Diane ShipleyNHS tests patient-monitoring Wi-Fi patches

Sound could be the key to better cancer diagnosis

We usually think of medical tests as involving sight or touch, but it turns out that in some cases, sound might provide a faster way to get a diagnosis – without invasive procedures or the need for a specialist referral. A study from research network GÉANT, Birmingham City University, and the University of Central Lancashire shows that conveying data by …

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Diane ShipleySound could be the key to better cancer diagnosis

Scientists use 3D printed tissue to study cells

Scientist Guohao Dai, an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the U.S, has won the Faculty Early Career Development Award from the National Science Foundation for his research into making replicated human tissues using 3D printing. Unlike the cells in the body, most lab cultures are 2D, which makes them harder to study …

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Diane ShipleyScientists use 3D printed tissue to study cells

Cubii is the world’s first under-desk elliptical trainer

Sitting in front of the laptop all day isn’t a healthy lifestyle, but it’s something we’re all guilty of doing. It’s also the reason that the standing and treadmill desks have caught on as a healthy alternative. If you do have to sit though, there is now the Cubii. Developed by FitnessCubed, the Cubii is basically a small device that …

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Hayley MinnCubii is the world’s first under-desk elliptical trainer

Gold could be the future of medication delivery

The days of swallowing medicine and hoping it does the job are numbered. In future, precious metals will deliver drugs to a specifically targeted type of cell or part of the body. At least, that’s according to scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and EPFL, who have discovered that gold nanoparticles are able to penetrate cell membranes, meaning they …

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Diane ShipleyGold could be the future of medication delivery

Safer IVF is on the way

Twelve babies have been born after researchers tested a new, safer way of stimulating ovulation for women undergoing IVF. Scientists from Imperial College London and doctors at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust worked together to trial the technique. They recruited 53 women who were healthy but experiencing infertility, and injected them with the adorably-named natural hormone kisspeptin to encourage their …

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Diane ShipleySafer IVF is on the way

Social media is increasing our complaints against doctors

Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook are making us more apt to moan about our GPs and surgeons. At least, that’s the conclusion from a new report from the General Medical Council (GMC). They asked a team of researchers from Plymouth University to blame the internet investigate after the number of complaints against doctors almost doubled in five years, going from 5,168 …

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Diane ShipleySocial media is increasing our complaints against doctors

New ‘nanojuice’ could diagnose gut problems

Researchers have developed a juice containing nanoparticles 10,000 times smaller than a human hair to help improve diagnosis of intestinal issues. Sure, it might not be the most glamorous field of medical research, but it’s an important one. According to the NHS, 10-20% of people experience IBS at some point in their lives, and more severe digestive illnesses like Crohn’s …

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Diane ShipleyNew ‘nanojuice’ could diagnose gut problems

New bandages could monitor your recovery

We love wearables here at shinyshiny, but they’re not all about tracking your fitness or giving you supersonic hearing. In future, they could help hospital patients to receive personalised care. The National Taiwan University in Taipei is now working on a project called Bioscope, developing bandages that can monitor patients’ temperature, heart rate, movement, and other vital stats, wirelessly transmitting …

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Diane ShipleyNew bandages could monitor your recovery

Good news! Beef burgers can lower blood pressure (probably)

We’re not saying that a trip to [insert fast food restaurant of your choice] is good for you. But surprisingly, beef isn’t the enemy of heart health it’s often been painted as. In fact, new research by nutritional scientists shows that eating beef can actually help reduce risk factors for heart disease. The key is that it has to be …

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Diane ShipleyGood news! Beef burgers can lower blood pressure (probably)