Operating table for two? Inside Surgeon Simulator’s edible operation event in London

Holly Brockwell Apple, Gadgets & Apps, Gaming 2 Comments

Last night, games manufacturer Bossa Studios hosted a gruesome dinner in a mock operating theatre in London to promote the iPhone release of their popular game, Surgeon Simulator. With a menu featuring offal and bone marrow, it wasn't for everyone, but we donned our scrubs and bravely went along. Even more…

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Tetris addiction could rid you of more serious addictions

Becca Caddy Gaming Leave a Comment

If you're trying to curb your cookie addiction, give up smoking or lay off the drink then according to a study by Plymouth University the secret answer isn't therapy, patches or medication, it's Tetris. The study is based on Elaborated Intrusion Theory, which means that what we see is central to what we crave. So…

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Sony launches PlayStation 4 app for iOS and Android

Ashley Norris Apps, Gaming Leave a Comment

Very excited about the launch of Sony's PlayStation 4 later this month? Well you can whet your appetite a little by downloading Sony's new PlayStation app for iOS and Android which has just the respective app stores. The exciting part is that the new PS4 enables second screen content so you will be able to…

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Inspired by Wimbledon? Tennis gadgets, games and more

Ashley Norris Apps, Gadgets, Gallery, Gaming Leave a Comment

Ok, so we are a little late with this. I mean who would have thought that Nadal would be on the plane home before we got our annual Wimbledon gadgets and games feature out. Nevertheless if you do want to emulate the great British player Andy Murray (aka as the Scots fella should he not…

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PS4, Xperia Z tablet, 4K TVs – why Sony has suddenly become cool again

Ashley Norris Android, Computers, Features, Gadgets & Apps, Gaming, Phones, Tablet PCs, Top Stories 7 Comments

There was a time when Sony was the ultimate name in consumer electronics. It had a superb range of high-end products in a number of sectors that were just better designed, better built and crammed with more useful and innovative features than its rivals. Then about a decade or so ago things started to go…

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CES 2013: Nvidia launches the Grid, Netflix for gaming

Becca Caddy CES 2013, Gaming Leave a Comment

Nvidia is staking a strong claim on the cloud-based gaming arena at CES 2013 this week by unveiling the Grid. The Grid is just like Netflix but for die-hard gamers instead of movie buffs and - after a demo from the team - appears to be a seamless way for users to play a range…

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COD Black Ops II fastest selling game EVER, 8M copies in one day

Becca Caddy Gaming 2 Comments

The highly anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 computer game, crammed with all kinds of gory shoot-em-up scenarios, zombies and terrorism, sold more than eight million copies in the first 24 hours after it was released, making it the fastest selling game of all time. The latest Call of Duty release officially went on…

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Kinect PlayFit dashboard comes to Xbox users in the US

Becca Caddy Gaming, Microsoft 2 Comments

Microsoft has launched a new feature for the Xbox console today called Kinect PlayFit, which collects data about your activity and the calories you've burned playing a whole host of popular titles, such as Dance Central 2, Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 and even Kinect Star Wars (yeah, really), as well as a number of…

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Microsoft files for scary patent to serve up ads based on your mood

Becca Caddy Gaming 1 Comment

Over the past few years we've seen offline advertisers take different (and often worrying) approaches to targeting potential customers, which sometimes seem far too much like ideas taken straight from Minority Report, with different ads being shown to different genders, drivers being told where they might like to visit nearby and even ads that are…

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Doctor uses Kinect imaging on the operating table

Becca Caddy Gaming, Microsoft, Science Leave a Comment

The last place you'd expect to see a Kinect is on an operating table, but the device could be the ideal way for doctors to consult medical images during complicated procedures. Last week a surgeon at the Guy's and St Thomas' hospital in London started using a new system that relies on an Xbox Kinect…

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It's official, Brits have given up on Draw Something

Becca Caddy Gaming, Mobile phone apps 1 Comment

The popular Pictionary / Words With Friends hybrid Draw Something amassed more than 50 million users in a matter of weeks and a large proportion of our lives in March were spent trying to think of the funniest ways to doodle Bieber and dandruff. However, as we predicted last month, it seems hardly any of…

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