WIN: Website shares your stupid Facebook updates with EVERYONE

Becca Caddy Facebook, Social networking 3 Comments

Yes Facebook is confusing, yes the team likes to change stuff, make stuff public and annoy us all regularly. But come on guys, it's hardly rocket science, if your status updates have a little world next to them that means you're sharing them with THE WORLD, so think before you write about your sexual exploits,…

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BREAKING: Facebook does something you didn't tell it to do

Becca Caddy Facebook, Social networking 1 Comment

STOP THE INTERNET, Facebook has done something or changed something without really telling us. How will we ever... We can't keep this going any longer, we're so used to Facebook changing our settings, adding new features and screwing up our profiles. In fact if we didn't get all angry and upset about Facebook every week…

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APP OF THE DAY: Share photos of your kids privately with 23snaps

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Everyone has at least one over excited parent as a Facebook friend who loves to share far too much information about little Susie or Billy. You only have to scroll down your news feed to see their first steps, laughter, paintings, trips to the playground and potty experiences accompanied by plenty of gory details. Well…

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Is Facebook's 'Find Friends Nearby' feature cool or creepy?

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Facebook has sneakily rolled out a new feature called 'Find Friends Nearby' and we can't work out whether it'll be cool and useful or just plain creepy. As you can imagine, the new 'Find Friends Nearby' feature allows you to do just that, find people that are sitting, dancing or scarily staring at you that…

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Facebook FINALLY allows users to edit comments

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Today Facebook has begun rolling out a new feature, which will allow users to edit the comments they make on the social network. It's about time Zuckerberg. Up until now if you wrote something silly/mean/misspelt in a comment you'd just have to delete it and start over again, but now you'll see a little pencil…

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Pinterest adds Etsy, Soundcloud and Slideshare attribution

Becca Caddy Social networking, Trending 1 Comment

Last month Pinterest began to address some of the whiny criticism it's been facing since its launch by adding in automatic attribution for content from Flickr, Behance, Vimeo and YouTube. Now, according to the Pinterest blog (called Oh, How Pinteresting!) the platform will be adding these kinds of automatic citations to content that's been gathered…

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New Tumblr app with offline mode, high res images and Spotify support

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Today Tumblr has released the latest version of its iOS application, complete with a host of changes to the main dashboard, quality of images, offline support and even Spotify integration. We've all been waiting for a revamped version of the popular app since CEO David Karp hinted about a "completely rebuilt" offering, but we didn't…

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Over-sharing is the main reason everyone on Facebook hates you

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As much as we all love that satisfying feeling when we unfriend that annoying/offensive/disgusting person from our Facebook friend list I'm sure we've all realised we've been the victim of a culling at some point too. Why me? WHY ME? We ask ourselves. Well, unless you did something particular offensive or stalkerish to the person…

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Overblog launches new platform: But do we REALLY want all our online activity in one place?

Becca Caddy Social networking 6 Comments

This week a new blogging platform has launched and as well as allowing you to create posts and update your mum on the inane things going on in your life, it also lets you collect together all of your online activity into one place. But do we really need that kind of neat and tidy…

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UPDATED: Food blogger girl banned from taking photos of her school dinners

Becca Caddy Blogging, Social networking 11 Comments

It's not often that sleazy British tabloids and tech publications all over the globe are interested in the same stories, but today the worlds of social media and crazy UK regulations have collided as a nine year old girl who blogs about food has been banned from blogging about food. UPDATE: So it seems all…

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Top celebrities you should be following on Pinterest [Part 1]

Becca Caddy Social networking, Top Stories 10 Comments

Some people choose to avoid the inane ramblings of celebrities online like the plague, whereas others seem to have made it their sole purpose in life to get re-tweeted by Katy Perry. If you fall into the second camp you'll probably already be stalking/following your favourite celebrities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other place…

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Sweden's controversial Twitter experiment leaves internet laughing/confused/offended

Becca Caddy Social networking 5 Comments

Ahh Sweden, it's just full of hot women, blonde people and Vikings, right? Well no, they're all stereotypes and part of the reason the Swedish tourist board has its own Twitter account, so you can find out what the nation and its people are REALLY like (many of them are hot and blonde though, FYI).…

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LinkedIn claims no accounts were breached after password leaks

Becca Caddy Social networking 2 Comments

Despite all of the commotion about leaked passwords, hackers and the end of the world last week, LinkedIn has reassured its userbase that no accounts were breached. Hackers are believed to have got their hands on some 6.5 million passwords in what was the biggest security attack the business-focussed network has ever experienced to date.…

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The Facebook App Center has officially launched

Becca Caddy Apps, Facebook, Social networking 2 Comments

Facebook announced that it would be launching a shiny new app store last month and it's now here for us all (well most of us, a few of you might have to wait a little longer) to play with. The app store, known officially as the Facebook App Center, is a comprehensive directory of all…

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Facebook hands over the IP addresses of nasty trolls

Becca Caddy Facebook, Social networking 6 Comments

Last month we shared the interesting story of Nicola Brookes, a 45 year old from Brighton who wrote some lovely stuff about X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza in a Facebook group back in 2011. She then faced A LOT of online abuse from trolls who weren't so keen on the fluffy-haired teenager. She had users…

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The first rule of the new Twitter logo, is you can't do anything to the new Twitter logo

Becca Caddy Social networking, Twitter 6 Comments

This week Twitter has made a huge deal about the fact it's got a new logo, which looks suspiciously, scrap that PRETTY MUCH IDENTICAL, to the original but with a neat new haircut. In a post on Twitter's blog yesterday, the brand's Creative Director, Doug Bowman, explained that the bird has been simplified and weirdly…

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Linkedin becomes even more irritating as passwords are leaked

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Ahh Linkedin, it may have helped that one guy you know get a job that one time, but mostly we can all agree it's a breeding ground for slimy recruiters and pointless networking groups. Well now it's become even more irritating as an estimated 6.5 million of our passwords have been leaked online, according to…

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Jux evolves and allows you to add more than one blog (or Jux) at a time

Becca Caddy Social networking, Trending 2 Comments

Jux seems to add a cool new feature to its blogging platform a few times a month and last week it got an interesting new release, you can now have a different Jux for different purposes. Bear with us on this one... The Jux team have explained to us: 1. "Jux" is presented as another…

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Cool Facebook brand timelines [Part 2]: Fujifilm, Starbucks, Red Bull

Becca Caddy Facebook, Social networking, Top Stories 13 Comments

Last month we collected together some of our favourite branded Facebook timelines and there were some great examples from the likes of Spotify, The New York Times and Arsenal FC. Now we're back with even more that make the most of the new layout and have a cool cover photo, a detailed history of brand…

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Pinterest rival The Fancy announces 1 million users and mobile shopping

Becca Caddy Mobile phone apps, Social networking, Trending 8 Comments

Ever since visual curation network Pinterest was launched back in 2010 (yeah it really WAS that long ago), we've seen a number of similar sites crop up, whether they're blatant rip-offs, all about porn or offer something a little more niche. A similar site that seems to be going from strength to strength at the…

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