Holly Brockwell with iPhone 6

I’m a die-hard Android fan. Here’s what happened when I tried the iPhone 6

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With thanks to EE for the handset I'm one of those intensely crappy people who have a passionate alliance to one side of a tech war. In fact, I have several. I'm firmly PC over Mac (though I'll probably go Chrome OS when it's more developed), digital media over physical, and Android over iOS. I…

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Somebody the app

Somebody: Miranda July’s new social networking app is wonderfully pointless

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You’re either the type of person who will find Somebody, the new social networking iPhone app from writer and filmmaker Miranda July, incredibly lovely and charming, or the type of person who will want to throw a shoe at it. Based on the idea that ‘when you can’t be there… Somebody can’, the app bequeaths…

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New iPhone case lights up to show your friends' mood

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We thought we couldn't know any more about what our friends are doing at any given moment, thanks to the world of social media, but The Feeling Skin has now created a social network based on emotion, complete with a smartphone case that lights up to tell you what mood your friends are in. The…

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These new mock up photos could put iPhone 6 rumours to rest

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While no one knows exactly what the new Apple iPhone 6 will look like, this new mock up that's been released by 86Digi, has apparently been made by the official iPhone 6 schematics. Rumoured to be unveiled between now and the autumn, the new phone looks even sleeker than the iPhone 5, with a 4.7-inch…

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Ultravisual 2.0 aims to give Instagram a run for its money

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Instagram looks like it's got competition in the form of newly improved Ultravisual, another photo and video sharing app for the iPhone. Version 2.0 of the photo app has a Find Your Friend feature, allowing users to locate, invite and collaborate with friends from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as their phone contacts. The…

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Apple to add "kill switch" to iPhones from July 2015

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Apple has entered into a voluntary agreement that means it may add a new anti-theft "kill switch" to its iPhones from next year, meaning if anyone steals your handset you can wipe everything off it unless it's returned later. Cult of Mac reports that Google, HTC, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung and Apple all agreed to…

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Apple's iPhone 6 will have a 4.8inch screen says key analyst

Ashley Norris Apple, Gadgets & Apps, iPhone, Phones 1 Comment

Fancy an iPhone, but put off but its rather titchy (when compared with its rivals) four inch screen? Well the evidence is mounting that the next generation of iPhone is very likely to have a much bigger screen. The latest person to claim that an Apple Phablet is on the cards is Jefferies & Co.…

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Apple sells nine million iPhones in three days

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Well so much for those reports that demand for the new iPhones was low. Apple has announced it has sold nine million new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models in three days. The company added that demand for iPhone 5s has exceeded the initial supply, and many online orders are scheduled to be shipped in…

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Rhino Shield – super tough iPhone 5 screen protector lands

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We have all been there. Watched as a smartphone has tumbled from our bag or pocket only to land screen facing down on concrete. If you were unlucky you would have then been looking at a cracked screen and a replacement bill of around £50. Which might make the £17.99 Rhino Shield, iPhone screen protector…

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More evidence that UK demand for the iPhone 5S and 5C is down on previous models

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The Guardian today ran with the story that according to one network demand for the new iPhone 5C was only a tenth of what it has been for previous new Apple mobiles. A source told the paper "It's been a big disappointment," said a mobile network source. "We are seeing a decline in the number…

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UK iPhone owners getting older with young migrating to Samsung, says new survey

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Are the young deserting Apple? Thats the question that's being posed by mobile phone comparison site, www.mobilephonechecker.co.uk. It has carried out a study aimed at uncovering the age of the average iPhone in the UK and found out that the average age of an iPhone owner has risen by a decade in the last two…

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Apple confirms Friday September 20th UK/US launch for iPhone 5S and 5C

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Apple has today confirmed that the worldwide - well US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the UK - launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C will be on Friday, September 20. That's this Friday folks. That means Friday, September 20 at 8:00 a.m. local time in Apple retail…

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BACtrack – the first ever Breathalyser for your iPhone from Firebox

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Need to know how much alcohol is in your body after a bit of drinking session? Well there's an app that's admittedly paired with a device for that. Firefox has unveiled the BACtrack iPhone Breathalyser . which it claims is the first Blood Alcohol Content trackers that works with a mobile phone. It basically measures…

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