Nose smelling flower

Five situations in which we’d like to taste and smell with our phones (and three we really wouldn’t)

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This week Adrian Cheok, professor of pervasive computing at City University London and the inventor of the Scentee, a Japanese iPhone attachment that emits pre-programmed scent, revealed that he's working on technology that will allow our smartphones to transmit taste and smell electronically. Considering how much of our youths we spent excitedly waiting for the…

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photographer with vintage camera

What professional photographers really think of your Instagrams #PhotoWeek

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One of the best things about the advent of apps, sharing sites and high-tech cameras in recent years is the way we all get to pretend we’re photographers. Thankfully the days of getting your holiday snaps back to find a roll of 30 blurry, thumb-obscured disasters are a mere memory – one that we’ve quickly…

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The new narcissism: why am I addicted to my own Facebook profile?

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I’d like to admit something, and ask politely that none of you judge me. We are all friends here, in the cozy and confidential circle of trust that is the internet, aren’t we? Right then, here goes. My name is Lauren, and I Facebook-stalk myself. I am ashamed of the amount of time I spend…

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Game of Thrones actor takes to Instagram after shocking episode airs in the UK

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SPOILER ALERT Last night, Game of Thrones fans in the UK were finally able to catch up with episode eight of the latest season, The Mountain and the Viper, which caused a Twitter meltdown over in the US when it was aired a day earlier. We won't give too much away, but if you haven't…

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We bet you can't guess what the most popular Instagram photo of all time is…

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OK, OK so given the huge popularity of Kimye, maybe you can.... Today this shot of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on their big day has overtaken a cuddly, blurry shot of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as the most liked photo on Instagram. EVER. With a huge 1.93 million likes (and counting) this might…

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You can now print your Instagram photos on to your Adidas trainers!

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If you're a fan of Instagram and trainers, then you'll be extremely excited about this news! Pictures from the photo-sharing site, used by millions to photograph everything from pets to food, will soon appear on Adidas shoes, as the sports company has revealed a new app to customise your trainers. Anything from your #selfies to…

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How to get more likes on your selfies, as told by science

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Do you constantly wonder why you're not getting as many likes on your selfies as your friends? Wonder no more, as apparently there may be a secret formula you're not using. A researcher at MIT, Aditya Khosla, scoured 2.3 million images from Flickr in order to determine whether it was possible to predict whether or…

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Pay for your food by taking photos at this new pop-up restaurant

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When you think of Instagram, you immediately think of #foodporn, so it comes as no surprise that a pop-up diner in London is letting people settle their bills by uploading photos to their social networks. The world's first pay-by-picture restaurant opened to the public yesterday, and allows diners to eat a two-course meal for the…

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With Tens sunglasses, everything looks like Instagram

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If you're ever thinking your life lacks a bit of X-Pro II or Valencia, don't worry, as three mates have now created sunglasses that make everything look like Instagram for that very reason! Marty Bell, Kris Reid and Tom Welsh are three friends from Edinburgh and created Tens, the Instagram sunglasses, while road-tripping across Scotland.…

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