Sleepphones review: blocking out my rhino of a neighbour with Bluetooth

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My upstairs neighbour is a rhinocerous. This is the only conclusion I can come to, considering the noise he makes tramping around on his wooden floorboards every night. Given the total absence of any kind of soundproofing in rental flats, this has been keeping me awake every night  – and I've had it. I've tried earplugs…

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Light my fire! A Bluetooth speaker that’s powered by candles

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Your music collection need never burn out with this new Bluetooth speaker from Pelty that's powered by the heat of a candle. Designed by Gianluca Gamba and partners, the aesthetic invention converts the thermal energy from a candle flame to usable power via a thermoelectric generator. This enables the speaker to amplify sound once connected with a Bluetooth device…

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Ruark Audio unveils beautiful sound system concept at Milan Design Week

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High-end audio specialists, Ruark Audio, have unveiled a beautiful new sound system at Milan Design Week as part of the Wallpaper Handmade Project 2014. Dreamt up by sculptor and designer Alex Mulligan, the concept product looks absolutely amazing, combining the brand's audio specialism with such a beautiful product. We just wish it was more than…

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Bayan Audio drops the Soundbook X3

Ashley Norris Audio 1 Comment

British audio specialist Bayan Audio has added another model to its growing range of high quality, rather good looking speakers. The £249.99 Soundbook X3 combines top-end components with Bluetooth v4.0 audio streaming which the company claims 'replicates the entire frequency of the audio, maintaining CD-quality audio over the Bluetooth connection and ensuring that users lose…

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Rumour: Apple to bring iTunes Radio to the UK In early 2014?

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Some interesting rumours from Bloomberg this morning. It claims that Apple is set to bring its iTunes Radio service to the Uk (and Australia and New Zealand) in early 2014. As you may remember iTunes Radio is a service that is integrated into iTunes and iOS7 software - if you are in the uS -…

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Pure teams up with Orla Kiely for very lovely Evoke Mio Clementine Striped Petal Edition radio

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It is London Fashion Week this week so not surprisingly a few rather glam tech items have been popping up. The latest comes from radio specialist Pure which has unveiled the Evoke Mio Striped Petal Edition a collaboration with noted designer Orla Kiely. It is the fourth time the pair have worked on a digital…

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Vinyl revival! Five great record decks

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So the vinyl revival continues with hipsters across the globe discovering that the best way to listen to music is via an old school record deck. But while sales of vinyl albums may have gone stratospheric, it is early days for the record player revival. Specialist audio dealers and record stores are reporting a bit…

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Create your own Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon track

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Here's a highly useful bit of the web that has been surfacing a lot on social media recently so I thought it was worth another plug. It seems that those smart people at WMFU station - it is apparently a radio station in New York - have been messing around with Pink Floyd's seminal Dark…

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IFA 2013 Philips and Armin van Buuren debut M1X-DJ Sound System

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If you are going to launch a DJ system then I guess it is good form to get a DJ to help you out. And that's exactly what Philips have done for the launch of its new M1X-DJ System which debuted today at IFA. They got Armin van Buuren on board to help promote what…

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Proper bling – Happy Plugs' £10,000 gold earphones

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I don't know about you but i am always losing my earphones! If I had these beauties though I guess I'd be a bit more careful with them because Happy Plugs' latest set of in-ear phones are finished in ulp, 18-carat solid gold. Made by a Swedish goldsmith in Stockholm who creates the headphones by…

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Google Music vs Spotify – which is best for UK listeners?

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The big news this morning is that Google Music, which was announced in the spring and has been working in the US for several months now, has become available in the UK and other European countries. You can sign up now and get a month for free and then pay an intro rate of £7.99…

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Five new features that Spotify should add – charts, mistake correction and more

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Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the music streaming service Spotify. The way in which it makes almost every great album, both past and present, accessible with one click, is a wonderful thing. However there are still a few things which I think Spotify needs to address. Here are five quick…

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Nine Retro Gadgets that are actually rather cool

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The jury really is out on most retro gadgets. Quite often they try a little too hard and come across as a pale pastiche of the products they are trying to imitate. Or they are so low-tech that they are almost useless in the modern world. Here are nine though that we think deserve the…

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Five of the best – Waterproof MP3 Players

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Time for a dip, and if you want some musical accompaniment check out these waterproof players. For an updated version of our favourite swimming gadgets then check this out: Top 10 Swimming gadgets: Speedo Aquacoach watch, Finis Neptune SwiMP3 and more

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Sony drops a pair of MP3 Walkmans – the NWZ-E380 and NWZ-E580

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Does anyone still buy standalone MP3 players? Apparently so, because Sony is back with a pair of new Walkmans that it believes are perfect for the holiday season. Design-wise the Walkman E580 MP3 (and the E-360 ofr that matter) resembles an old school iPod mini, but with a colour screen, an aluminium body and brighter…

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