Meet Drivebot, the new wearable for your car

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You might think that wearables are just for people and animals but there’s no reason not to let your car get in on the action, too. As PSFK points out, a new device called Drivebot is designed to be ‘Fitbit for your car’, keeping track of its wellbeing and alerting you to any problems before…

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Samaritans’ new Radar app spots tweeters in mental distress

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The Radar app is a new mental health tool from Samaritans. The charity is best known for lending a listening ear to people in emotional distress, but they also offer help via text and email, so an app was probably the next logical step. But rather than offering psychological support, it tracks the people users…

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‘Warmest regards': how to email like a douchebag

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Emails. We've had them for 36 years, but we're basically no closer to deciphering the etiquette of sending them. A quick straw poll on Twitter confirms what I've suspected all along – that NOBODY KNOWS THE RULES. Every day, electronically, we are sending each other more mixed messages than a carrier pigeon stew. Are you…

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North Korean women prefer mobile phones to engagement rings

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Despite living under one of the most oppressive regimes in the world, people in North Korea are just like us: when they get engaged, they want a ring. On the phone, that is. According to The Guardian, mobile phones are an increasingly popular engagement gift in North Korea. The country’s brides don’t traditionally wear wedding…

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Apple explains iOS 8.0.1 faults

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After Tim Cook explained why Apple is discontinuing its most nostalgic product, breaking our hearts in the process, Apple has gone and provided us with another explanation about something it did last month that we didn't like. I am, of course, talking about the phone-crippling iOS 8.0.1 faults. Speaking at Re/code's Code/Mobile conference, Apple product…

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An exploit in Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ service could remotely wipe your phone

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If you're using Samsung's own 'Find My Mobile' service to keep an eye on your phone, you might want to swap over to Android Device Manager pretty soon. As it turns out there's an exploit that will allow nefarious individuals to remotely access and ring, lock, or wipe your phone. Apparently Find My Mobile doesn't…

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No need for an ATM with new app – get cash delivered

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If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get cash (easier than walking to the nearest ATM, that is), then Nimbl could hold the answer. As PSFK reports, Nimbl aims to deliver cash into the hands of its customers fast, to any location, at any time. It has been developed by San Francisco- and…

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