Instagram has purged spam accounts, and people are FUMING

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When the service hit the 300 million user mark last week, Instagram vowed that it would begin permanently deleting spam accounts. It's taken no time in doing so, but users aren't very grateful that the photo-sharing service is a little less spammy than usual. In fact they're demanding Instagram brings back the spam accounts so…

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A six-legged robot based on stick insects just took its first steps

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German engineers have built a new kind of robot based on a stick insect, and he’s just taken his first steps. (Aww.) The device, called Hector, has an ultralight exoskeleton made from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic and a lot of built-in sensors. He also has 18 highly responsive elastic joints on his six legs, meaning he can…

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Virgin Media’s new wearable controls your TV if you fall asleep

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It's likely that there have been many occasions where you've drifted off while watching TV, missing parts of your favourite programme in the process. Thankfully this new wearable from Virgin Media means that's no longer going to be a problem. It's called KipstR, and it's a 3D printed wristband that can actually detect when its wearer…

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Celebrate the OnePlus One’s first birthday with a stylish external battery pack

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Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the release of the OnePlus One. Remarkable that it's been that long isn't it? To celebrate, OnePlus announced a number of special offers for people to take advantage of -- including a new affordable external battery pack. The OnePlus Power Bank costs just £14, and comes packing a 10,000…

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New lens-free microscope is a cancer diagnosis breakthrough

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Researchers have built a microscope that doesn’t need a lens – and it works as well as traditional equipment. The team, from UCLA, say it’s the first lens-free microscope that analyses tissues in 3D. When a sample of tissue or blood is placed on a slide and inserted into the device, a sensor array (on…

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Apple has been found not guilty of breaching anti-trust laws

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Apple execs can breathe easy, because despite admitting it deleted third party music from users' iPods, and following accusations that it wanted to prevent music that wasn't bought through iTunes from being loaded onto iPods altogether, it's been found not guilty of anti-competitive conduct and breaching anti-trust laws. The eight person jury came to the verdict after…

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Sony’s new display module can make any pair of glasses more like Google Glass

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Smartglasses have been around for a little while now, but they have yet to really take off with consumers. Price aside, the main issue a lot of people will have is that they're not really compatible existing pairs of glasses. The new offering from Sony is different. The new 'display module' is completely detachable, meaning you can…

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