Three is now offering same-day delivery, if you live in London

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We're in the run-up to Christmas right now, and Christmas inevitably means shopping for presents and worrying about them arriving on time. Don't worry though, Three has announced that it is now offering same-day delivery if you live in London. As great as this offer might be, it's not without its limitations. For starters you can…

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Magnet smart jewellery lets you literally keep in touch

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Wearables can do all kinds of things, from monitoring your dog’s health to diagnosing diseases. But Magnet smart jewellery offers something a bit different: the chance to literally keep in touch with someone you love. Only sold in pairs, it’s designed for two people to use. It can be worn on an attached bracelet, added…

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iCracked brings iPhone repairs to wherever you are, even your favourite coffee den

Tom Pritchard Gadgets & Apps 2 Comments

We've all broken our phones, and usually that means having to send it off somewhere to be repaired or making an appointment with the 'Geniuses' at the Apple Store. If you're an iPhone user living in London then you're in a bit of luck, because iCracked's on-demand iPhone repair service has launched in the capital.…

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Apparently Foxconn is going to start making sapphire glass iPhone displays

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For what seemed like an eternity the mobile rumour mill was tearing itself apart with conflicting reports on whether or not apple would include sapphire glass in the iPhone 6. It did not, and then Apple's supplier went bankrupt ending many a person's sapphire display dreams. Those people are in luck, because apparently Foxconn have…

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Sleepphones review: blocking out my rhino of a neighbour with Bluetooth

Holly Brockwell Apps, Audio, Gadgets & Apps, Premium, Reviews, Wellbeing 1 Comment

My upstairs neighbour is a rhinocerous. This is the only conclusion I can come to, considering the noise he makes tramping around on his wooden floorboards every night. Given the total absence of any kind of soundproofing in rental flats, this has been keeping me awake every night  – and I've had it. I've tried earplugs…

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Twitter Offers are discounts you can nab from your timeline

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Twitter's been playing around with the idea of buying items directly from your Twitter feed for a little while now, and now something new is being brought to the table: the opportunity to grab yourself a discount directly from your timeline with Twitter Offers. The process is quite simple, participating retailers will offer the discount…

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