Watch your back: Crows are smarter than anyone realised

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Scientists (and Alfred Hitchcock) already knew that crows were clever, able to differentiate between and remember human faces, as well as using tools and having their own sophisticated form of communication (French, n'est-ce pas?). Now Russian researchers have found that crows are also capable of advanced relational thinking, alongside apes, monkeys, and oh yes, us.…

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6 pints lids

Wine ice cream exists, and you can get drunk on it

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The universe has heard your prayers.Your favourite two guilty pleasures – ice cream and wine – have come together in a heavenly fusion that can only be described as dangerously brilliant. This isn't wine-flavoured ice cream, oh no. This is eight separate flavours of wine-infused, proper ice cream with a butterfat content of 15% and a proof of…

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NASA parodies Meghan Trainor with ‘All About That Space’

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Everyone loves the catchy beat of Meghan Trainor's smash hit 'All About That Bass', but not everyone's been quite as keen on the lyrics. Luckily, NASA's here to save us with their science-themed parody, 'All About That Space', and we love it. Yes, some of the dancing's a bit dodgy and yes, it goes on…

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iPads can make penguins procreate (probably)

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It’s been a big year for penguins. Not only have they embraced their robot brethren and starred in the best John Lewis Christmas ad of all time, like orangutans before them, they’ve now started using iPads – with unexpected side effects. As Fast Company reports, little magellanic penguins at the Aquarium of the Pacific in…

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We tried the 30-second ‘wrapping hack’. It took 6 minutes.

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This video of a man speed-wrapping boxes in a Japanese department store has been going crazy on the interwebs: At last, all our problems with wrapping regular-shaped boxes are over! Surely we, too, can flash-wrap our Christmas presents  this way? Well, I gave it a go. And you know what? It's impossible. Not only does he do it too…

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The BBC’s bringing JK Rowling’s The Cuckoo’s Calling to our screens

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The Cuckoo’s Calling is coming to a small screen near you. Once mooted as a possible Hollywood blockbuster, the detective novel JK Rowling published under the pseudonym ‘Robert Galbraith’ is now being adapted by the BBC. Rowling won’t be writing it, but she'll apparently have a lot of input. Last year the literary world was…

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10 Christmas presents inspired by our favourite shows

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Want to get something for the box-set binger in your life, but aware they've already got every episode ever made, including the blooper reel? Not to worry, thanks to production companies recognising the enduring appeal (and money-spinning potential) of merch, you have lots of other options, whether a programme's still on air (or Netflix) or…

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black fri

Psych yourself up with our Black Friday playlist

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So, it's Black Friday: that horrifying post-Thanksgiving day of hysteria and mad scrambling for the sales which has somehow osmosed into British society from America. The term 'Black Friday' originates from the city of Philadelphia, where swarms of frantic pedestrians would cause massive disruptions to traffic. Another explanation, according to Wikipedia, is that retailers traditionally operated…

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There are even Black Friday deals on marijuana in the U.S

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Although a recent bandwagon-hopping trend in the UK, in the U.S Black Friday is a long-established tradition: a chance for Christmas shoppers to snap up bargains while the memory of a delicious turkey dinner keeps them warm. Like Boxing Day sales, only with an air of anticipation rather than depression. And it turns out those…

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The University of York just sent a rubber duck to space

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After a successful campaign on the university's own crowdfunding site, the uni of York's AstroSoc sent a rubber duck to the edge of space on a weather balloon. As well a fun experiment in pushing bath toys to the limit, the stunt was designed to increase interest in astronomy during Science Week. Christened AstroDuck, the GoPro-equipped quacker took off…

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The Nutshell pod gives you privacy at work (and makes you seem weird)

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Now here’s what I call multi-tasking: not only does the Nutshell isolation pod give you time out when the world around you gets too much, but it also makes you look like a complete weirdo. (I’m guessing fans of the Ostrich pillow will be rushing to snap one up.) Designed by Eden Lew, a masters…

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Caught out! Facebook can tell which of your friends are UKIP supporters

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They may have just won two byelections and gained their first parliamentary seats, but there's still a certain... stigma attached to being an out-and-proud UK Independence Party (UKIP) supporter. But Facebook's all-seeing eye means that there is an easy way of discovering the truth (because Facebook is a trusted source, obviously). As Political Scrapbook has found, there's a…

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Great news, cheaters! Ninety-six percent of your friends won’t tell on you

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If you want to find out if your partner’s cheating, you’d better start rifling through his credit card receipts or work out the password to his phone quick smart, because you can be all but certain that his friends will never tell you. And the flip side is true, too: if you’re being unfaithful, your…

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20 things that happen when you start reviewing phones for a living

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For the last few months, I've been writing ShinyShiny's phone reviews. It's a dream job, but changes your life in some weird and unpredictable ways. You get a Facebook message and a polyphonic orchestra of notification noises from multiple phones scares the living daylights out of you It was just my mum…

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Who knew? Bats troll each other, too

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The internet may have lead you to think that humans are the only species that try to wind others up and selfishly ruin someone else’s day, but you’d be wrong. As Smithsonian reports, Mexican free-tailed bats are the animal equivalent of every overly aggressive ALL CAPS Twitter user you’ve ever blocked. Researchers from Wake Forest…

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Researchers have created ‘ghosts’ in a lab

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They probably should have revealed this in time for Halloween, but Swiss scientists have found a way to create the experience of feeling a ghost-like presence. Researchers from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne asked study participants to perform a series of movements with their hands, while a robot was behind them, copying what they did…

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Scientists’ fake robot chick fools real emperor penguins

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Scientists in Antarctica are trying to study Emperor penguins to better understand their behaviour and monitor their health, but whenever they try to get close, the animals panic and scatter. So a team of international scientists and creative types worked to turn a remote-controlled rover into a penguin chick that would be lifelike enough for…

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