No need for an ATM with new app – get cash delivered

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If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get cash (easier than walking to the nearest ATM, that is), then Nimbl could hold the answer. As PSFK reports, Nimbl aims to deliver cash into the hands of its customers fast, to any location, at any time. It has been developed by San Francisco- and…

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Ten Halloween costumes for women from geeky to gruesome

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Whether you see Halloween as a chance to dress up in something glam, show off your 'geek' cred, or simply scare the neighbourhood children (serves them right, begging for sweets like that), there's a costume to suit your every whim. But choosing one with just a few days to go can be overwhelming.…

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Adam the labrador proves that dogs can be allergic to humans, too

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Itchy skin that causes an insatiable urge to scratch is one of the side-effects when people are allergic to dogs. And, as Treehugger reports, it's also one of the side-effects when dogs are allergic to people. When volunteers from the Lucky Dog Retreat rescue centre in Indianapolis in the U.S found an adorable two year-old…

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Social media speech bubbles

Words that have whole new meanings, thanks to social media

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'On a cold winter's evening, the whole family would gather round the wireless... because Virgin Media broadband was down to 2Mbps again.' For as long as it has existed, the internet has been taking words and claiming them as its own. Post, thread, status; all terms that would have entirely different meanings on Downton Abbey than they…

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Taylor Swift has become synonymous with 'adorkable' [image via We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together video]

“Photobomb”, “adorkable” among latest additions to Collins English Dictionary

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The terms 'twerking', 'photobomb' and 'meme' are among the latest to be added to the print edition of the Collins English Dictionary, Huffington Post reports. They're just a couple of the whopping 50,000 new entries which have been added to the dictionary's 12th edition. Also making the cut are 'Bitcoin' and 'onesie'. More obscure entries include…

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Is this the best Hallowe’en costume ever?

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What happens when you attach LEDs to a toddler in a stick-man formation and film her running around? Here's what - a video that's been viewed more than 22 million times on YouTube, and a truly awesome business idea. As the Telegraph reports, what started out as a bit of fun has been turned into…

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It’s official: Sex started in Scotland, says science

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A palaeontologist has discovered when and where reproduction by copulation and internal fertilisation (also known as S-E-X) first took place. Professor John Long from Flinders University in South Australia dates heterosexual, penetrative sex to 385 million years ago in the place that later became Scotland (and OK, fine, to Estonia and China, too. But we…

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‘Zombie-proof’ cabins created by British company

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Do you fear a zombie apocalypse? Does the thought of being unprotected from this imminent threat leave you quaking in your boots? Well never fear, for this British company has got you covered with 'the world's first and only certified* Zombie Proof Log Cabin', and it can be yours for £69,995. 'Get yours before they get you!' the…

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Yahoo, Google, and Amazon reveal the top Halloween costume searches

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Google, Yahoo, and Amazon have revealed their top Halloween costume searches of the last week, and as Jezebel points out, the general public isn’t as imaginative as you might have hoped. Ninja Turtles top the list for Yahoo and Google and Frozen characters are a hit across the board, while some inventive souls still using…

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Mother cat adopts baby rabbit – something cute for Friday

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Now we know that cats can get a bit too excitable when they spot a rodent, but this mama cat has much more maternal ideas in mind when she sees a baby rabbit all alone. According to the video's subtitles, Bubbles - the tiny rabbit in question - lost her mother a week after she was born. But…

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10 songs you never knew were cover versions

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With sampling, reinterpretation and collaboration all staples of contemporary popular music, it can be difficult to know exactly who has masterminded the song behind the performance. But many of the greatest songs ever were created by borrowing - after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (supposedly). Here is a list of songs from the past…

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Blast Theory’s Karen app is a life coach with a (creepy) difference

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If you can't wait for the day when Spike Jonze's 'Her' becomes a reality (hey, who doesn't love high-waisted pants and forming attachments to artificial intelligence?) or you just want to see how insidious data mining can be, this futuristic app is for you. Called Karen, it's a life-coaching app, but it's a little different…

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morph suit

A ‘birthday suit’ morphsuit? Gimme a break

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In the latest addition to their infamous collection, the recently rebranded MorphCostumes have teamed up with Faux Real Apparel to create their most ludicrous costume yet: the 'birthday suit'. In the embodiment of pure ridiculousness, the naked man morphsuit, complete with censored nether region, has arrived just in time for Hallowe'en. Great, that's my outfit sorted (not). According to Digital…

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You’ve seen nothing until you’ve seen this cat catch sight of itself in the mirror

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Now we all know that our reflections can freak us out sometimes, but this scaredy-cat takes the idea of a 'mirror face' to a new level. The fearful feline, which looks to be of the Scottish Fold variety, appears mildly petrified by its own reflection - or maybe it's just never seen something so exciting. (Known for…

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Being nice makes you more attractive, according to science

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Growing up, your mum might have told you it’s what’s on the inside that counts, while you rolled your eyes and applied a fresh coat of Rimmel’s Heather Shimmer. But it turns out she was right: being a good person does make you more attractive to other people (whether you’re wearing lipstick or not). At…

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Hoorah! “Unexpected item in bagging area” is on the way out

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If you've ever used self-service checkout tills in a UK supermarket, then you'll know the frustration which arises from a chorus of mistimed declarations of 'unexpected item in bagging area' from multiple machines. It's a similar feeling you get from that seagull scene in Finding Nemo, or being forced to listen to We're Taking the…

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