20 things that happen when you start reviewing phones for a living

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For the last few months, I've been writing ShinyShiny's phone reviews. It's a dream job, but changes your life in some weird and unpredictable ways. You get a Facebook message and a polyphonic orchestra of notification noises from multiple phones scares the living daylights out of you It was just my mum…

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Who knew? Bats troll each other, too

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The internet may have lead you to think that humans are the only species that try to wind others up and selfishly ruin someone else’s day, but you’d be wrong. As Smithsonian reports, Mexican free-tailed bats are the animal equivalent of every overly aggressive ALL CAPS Twitter user you’ve ever blocked. Researchers from Wake Forest…

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Researchers have created ‘ghosts’ in a lab

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They probably should have revealed this in time for Halloween, but Swiss scientists have found a way to create the experience of feeling a ghost-like presence. Researchers from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne asked study participants to perform a series of movements with their hands, while a robot was behind them, copying what they did…

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Scientists’ fake robot chick fools real emperor penguins

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Scientists in Antarctica are trying to study Emperor penguins to better understand their behaviour and monitor their health, but whenever they try to get close, the animals panic and scatter. So a team of international scientists and creative types worked to turn a remote-controlled rover into a penguin chick that would be lifelike enough for…

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Shakespeare’s Globe launches new VOD service, Globe Player

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Picture the scene: -But soft! What light through yonder breaks? -Oh yeah, that’s my laptop – I’ve been binge-watching the Bard all night. An unlikely scenario? Not if the brains behind Shakespeare’s Globe theatre have anything to do with it. They’ve just launched a dedicated video-on-demand platform, the first theatre in the world to do…

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Kitten-filled parody Gone Purrl makes Gone Girl much less scary (plus five other films that need cute remakes, stat)

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Forget about Amazing Amy, this week the internet’s all about the amazing kitties in The Pet Collective’s fantastic new video: an all-kitten remake of Gone Girl, called (naturally) Gone Purrl. ('The hallmark of a sociocat is a lack of empathy.') And rightly so – it might be the best thing that's ever happened. In fact,…

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time travel

Experts predict time travel, invisibility & teleportation to be reality by year 2100

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A group of experts has agreed that time travel, invisibility and teleportation could all become realities within the lifetimes of today's school children. According to the Telegraph, professors from Imperial College London and the University of Glasgow have agreed that by the year 2080, teleportation could be fairly commonplace, with time travel expected 20 years…

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British design firm OS31 will build a pop-up restaurant on a frozen river

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A British design firm has won a hotly-contested competition to build a cosy space in one of the coldest places in the world, according to Treehugger. It’s too frosty to enjoy many outdoor activities in Manitoba, Canada during the winter, but the city’s embraced its icy reputation and in 2010 local gallery RAW launched the…

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North Korean women prefer mobile phones to engagement rings

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Despite living under one of the most oppressive regimes in the world, people in North Korea are just like us: when they get engaged, they want a ring. On the phone, that is. According to The Guardian, mobile phones are an increasingly popular engagement gift in North Korea. The country’s brides don’t traditionally wear wedding…

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OK Go’s newest video is filmed in one take with a drone. And it’s brilliant!

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OK Go, the band known for their incredibly inventive music videos, has unveiled another amazing one for their upcoming single ‘I Won’t Let You Down’. And, this time, it’s filmed in one take, using a drone! The five-minute long clip features everything from dancers twirling umbrellas to unicycles, along with hundreds of extras. At first,…

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queen greatest hits

Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” voted best song to listen to when ill

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Queen's anthemic song Bohemian Rhapsody has been voted the best track to listen to if you're feeling down or unwell. The results were gathered by ComRes for BBC local radio for Faith in the World Week, which is exploring the healing powers of music. ComRes polled 1,000 people and gave them 10 choices. Dancing Queen by Abba came second,…

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No need for an ATM with new app – get cash delivered

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If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get cash (easier than walking to the nearest ATM, that is), then Nimbl could hold the answer. As PSFK reports, Nimbl aims to deliver cash into the hands of its customers fast, to any location, at any time. It has been developed by San Francisco- and…

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Ten Halloween costumes for women from geeky to gruesome

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Whether you see Halloween as a chance to dress up in something glam, show off your 'geek' cred, or simply scare the neighbourhood children (serves them right, begging for sweets like that), there's a costume to suit your every whim. But choosing one with just a few days to go can be overwhelming.…

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Adam the labrador proves that dogs can be allergic to humans, too

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Itchy skin that causes an insatiable urge to scratch is one of the side-effects when people are allergic to dogs. And, as Treehugger reports, it's also one of the side-effects when dogs are allergic to people. When volunteers from the Lucky Dog Retreat rescue centre in Indianapolis in the U.S found an adorable two year-old…

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Social media speech bubbles

Words that have whole new meanings, thanks to social media

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'On a cold winter's evening, the whole family would gather round the wireless... because Virgin Media broadband was down to 2Mbps again.' For as long as it has existed, the internet has been taking words and claiming them as its own. Post, thread, status; all terms that would have entirely different meanings on Downton Abbey than they…

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Taylor Swift has become synonymous with 'adorkable' [image via We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together video]

“Photobomb”, “adorkable” among latest additions to Collins English Dictionary

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The terms 'twerking', 'photobomb' and 'meme' are among the latest to be added to the print edition of the Collins English Dictionary, Huffington Post reports. They're just a couple of the whopping 50,000 new entries which have been added to the dictionary's 12th edition. Also making the cut are 'Bitcoin' and 'onesie'. More obscure entries include…

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