Hash signs on street

The week in hashtags: #BlackLivesMatter, #TheSunLogic, #OstentatiousBreastfeeding, #Love

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Twitter was angry for a lot of good reasons this week – and funny for plenty more too. Tag along with our round-up of the week's trends.   #BlackLivesMatter, #CrimingWhileWhite Only a week after the outcome of the Michael Brown case sparked anger and disbelief across Twitter, another grand jury decision – this time not to…

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For the first time ever, a woman is shortlisted for Fifa’s Goal of the Year

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...and what a goal it is, too, scored for Irish side Peamount United in October last year. (Yes, we know it won't play within this page... that's Fifa for you). Best of all, we expected an outpouring of misogyny on Twitter and YouTube, but the comments are almost all really positive. Well done, world. Stephanie…

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The University of York just sent a rubber duck to space

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After a successful campaign on the university's own crowdfunding site, the uni of York's AstroSoc sent a rubber duck to the edge of space on a weather balloon. As well a fun experiment in pushing bath toys to the limit, the stunt was designed to increase interest in astronomy during Science Week. Christened AstroDuck, the GoPro-equipped quacker took off…

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The NHS is putting our records online and embracing apps, but is that a good thing?

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I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to access your NHS medical records, but it isn’t as easy as you might think. A few years ago, before my local surgery was fully on board with computers, I asked to take a look at mine. You’d think I’d accused my GP of medical malpractice. After repeatedly…

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20 things that happen when you start reviewing phones for a living

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For the last few months, I've been writing ShinyShiny's phone reviews. It's a dream job, but changes your life in some weird and unpredictable ways. You get a Facebook message and a polyphonic orchestra of notification noises from multiple phones scares the living daylights out of you It was just my mum…

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Queens of YouTube: eight female vloggers who you’ll want to be your new best friend

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Just when parents, career advisers and the media had got their heads around 'becoming a professional blogger' as a valid life choice, Gen Y moved things on a step. With social media becoming increasingly visual (why write a tweet in 30 seconds when you can Instagram in an instant?) and young people eschewing traditional TV…

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hash symbol sculpture

The week in hashtags: #WakeUpCall, #NHSstrike, #ThorneTravel, #GBBOfinal

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#NHSstrike Today, thousands of NHS workers from across six different trade unions are striking in protest at the government's refusal to give all staff a one per cent pay rise. Messages of solidarity have spread across Twitter, with celebs including Sue Perkins, Rufus Hound and David Schneider all tweeting their support for the strikers.  …

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Who Made Your Pants? worker

shinyshiny speaks to Becky John from Who Made Your Pants? about ethical underwear and empowering women through work #InspiringWomenWeek

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Who made your pants? For most of us, unless we’re label addicts or skilled with a sewing machine, it’s not a question we’re ever able to answer – or even one we’ve ever given much thought to. Becky At the helm of pioneering online lingerie brand Who Made Your Pants?, Becky…

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Hashtag sculpture

The week in hashtags: #EidMubarak, #Stoptober, #CassetteBoy

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#EidMubarak Muslims across the world have been celebrating Eid al-Adha, also known as the Feast of the Sacrifice. Also marking the end of religious pilgrimage Hajj, this year more than 2 million people made the journey to the Grand Mosque in Mecca.   #MeanGirlsAppreciationDay Because if there's one thing the internet was really lacking in,…

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Downton Abbey Highclere Castle

Your gif guide to pretending you know what’s going on in Downton Abbey

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Warning... Sunshine and sweaty tube journeys aside, we know autumn has officially arrived – because Downton Abbey is back, to be the jewel in the crown of our weekends again! But while the frocks-and-footmen drama is as synonymous with cosy Sunday evenings as slankets and jugs of custard, we'll admit that, like the Dowager Countess,…

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Nose smelling flower

Five situations in which we’d like to taste and smell with our phones (and three we really wouldn’t)

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This week Adrian Cheok, professor of pervasive computing at City University London and the inventor of the Scentee, a Japanese iPhone attachment that emits pre-programmed scent, revealed that he's working on technology that will allow our smartphones to transmit taste and smell electronically. Considering how much of our youths we spent excitedly waiting for the…

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Hash sign sculpture

The week in hashtags: #Bendgate, #OccupyCentral, #NotInMyName, #BakeOffInnuendo

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#NotInMyName and #MuslimApologies In his speech at the United Nations last week, President Obama referenced East London’s Active Change Foundation – the community group who began the #notinmyname campaign earlier this month, encouraging young Muslims to add their voice to the fight against Islamic State. The hashtag spread fast, and the #notinmyname video was viewed…

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Macbook charging

Is my phone charger a fire risk? And other boring but important safety questions answered

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Could my phone charger burn my house down? Yes, if it’s dodgy. London Fire Brigade has warned of the dangers of counterfeit iPhone chargers, following a spate of recent house fires caused by cheap fakes. While buying the real deal from Apple might seem crazy expensive compared to the generic versions (which can be found…

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hash symbol sculpture

The week in hashtags: #Phones4U, #WhyIStayed, #LFW and more

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#Phones4U After its final remaining network EE cut ties with the company on Sunday night, Phones4U has gone into administration. The store may have been one of the less soothing retail experiences out there, about on par estate agents and the Primark returns queue, but with 720 outlets the cheap and cheerful mobile merchants were…

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How a clothes steamer changed my life, and other gadgets your wardrobe needs now

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I am a very creased person. No, I really am. Despite caring a fair bit about my clothes when it comes to buying them, I’m totally slack when it comes to looking after them, ironing them and making sure I don’t look like I fell asleep under a hedge. I don’t dare count the number…

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Twitter sand sculpture

Is the golden age of Twitter over? Why nobody retweets anymore

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‘My very best gag about [X] and not a single retweet? You lot don’t deserve me!’ – another day, another person on my timeline. They may seem cheerfully self-deprecating, but under the faux outrage of those tweets there bristles a real insecurity (I’ve decided) about their place on the platform, and the future of Twitter. After…

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Life beyond ASOS: the best online fashion stores you’ve not discovered yet

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It's the world's most visited fashion site, and we've never wondered why – the postman always rings thrice where our ASOS habits are concerned (then pops back for our free returns). But even with its colossal choice of trends and labels, we're still getting a few too many 'ASOS? Snap!'  moments these days – notably one…

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Business people with iPad

Action this by EOP: the world’s worst corporate email speak

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We’re taught many things at school that are meant to prepare us for the world of work, but at no point do I remember being told what EOP stands for. Nor did any of my teachers brief me on how best to go about being onboarded, or explain what it means when a future boss…

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Mini Victoria sponge cakes

The Great British Bake Off: technology and gadgets to make you a better baker

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You might not have noticed, but there's a little cake competition on TV at the moment. Alongside the emotional peaks and troughs, the perfect piping and the collapsing pastry and the 'bincidents', The Great British Bake Off is also doing more to get the nation baking than decades of Home Economics lessons ever did. Supermarkets…

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Somebody the app

Somebody: Miranda July’s new social networking app is wonderfully pointless

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You’re either the type of person who will find Somebody, the new social networking iPhone app from writer and filmmaker Miranda July, incredibly lovely and charming, or the type of person who will want to throw a shoe at it. Based on the idea that ‘when you can’t be there… Somebody can’, the app bequeaths…

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