Twitter and Facebook masterclass – Mangal 2 and Wimpy Worthing

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So you have started your restaurant, the decor is finished, the menus printed and the chef is sharpening his kitchen knives. What you need next is a genius social media strategy that will have punters queueing round the corner to get in. So maybe you should start by cribbing from this Facebook site and this…

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Does Facebook make you sad? Surveys say it might

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There's an interesting article in the New Yorker today which suggests that Facebook, that loveable social network, might actually be making you unhappy. It isn't the first time that social networks have been accused of adding to human misery but this article, which references a new study from the University of Michigan psychologist Ethan Kross,…

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Half of the UK population now active on Facebook

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There has been the odd whisper recently about how Facebook is starting to lose traffic, especially that it is failing to appeal to youngsters who have had their heads turned by other platforms. So to counter this Facebook has today released its latest UK-specific user data and is making available for the first time into…

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Arsenal hammer the New York Yankees but Barcelona FC rule the planet

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If you have ever wondered how popular US sport, and especially American Football is in relation to football as the rest of the world, take a look at this infographic. It shows how many followers the top football and Gridiron teams have in social media. And there really is no contest. Even the most popular…

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Why Facebook should make it easier for you to break up

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You know what it is like. You change your status from in a relationship to 'it's complicated' but deep down you know it is all over. But there on your page is all the evidence of the three years you spent together before things went awry. Well even academics think that social networking sites should…

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Instagram Vs Vine – there's only one winner

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In case you haven't heard the news Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has launched a video recording app that is set to take on the Twitter owned Vine. Yes Vine remember that? The six second video app? In case you've forgotten here is a classic Vine to jog your memory. However it looks like…

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Seven Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn buttons that really ought to exist

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Social media buttons. Everyone loves them and we all use them. They can express how you feel without you having to exert any energy at all in 1, thinking 2, actually writing something sensible. But there really ought to be more of them. Here are five that should be launched asap, but almost certainly won't…

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EE grabs UK exclusive on HTC First aka the Facebook phone

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If you fancy the HTC First - the handset announced yesterday that runs Facebook Home, the social network's home screen on steroids - you will have to wait a while. The device goes on sale in the United States on 12 April, but won't land in the UK until the early summer where it will…

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Home, Instagram, Spotify… How Facebook is slowly taking over your mobile

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I assume you have all caught the Facebook news from yesterday. If not go here. Suggesting that apps were a legacy from the PC age Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new wrapper for Android homes called Home that is embedded in a six handsets - three each from HTC and Samsung - and will be available…

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The 'Facebook phone' lands on Thursday – but are you really that interested?

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In a couple of days time Facebook has a press event in the US where it has invited journalists to 'Come see our new Home on Android.' However if you were expecting a minor tweak or two to its Google app, forget it. The gossip is that this is something much bigger. Rumours of Facebook…

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Free voice calls from your iPhone via Facebook Messenger lands in the UK

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Good news for the UK's Facebook users. The Facebook Messenger app, which lets users make free calls to each other using mobiles, is now available here too. It was launched in the US in January and has been a significant success. Now the app, which is still in beta and only for iPhone users, is…

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Are hash tags # coming to Facebook now? And would you use them?

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The WSJ has a report today that Facebook is considering using Twitter style hashtags to help people stay up to date with breaking stories and key conversations on its social networking platform. According to the paper hashtags are currently being tested so that users can track conversations about specific topics. The paper also notes that…

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New app Both Interested tells you which of your Facebook friends fancies you

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Got a secret crush on one of your Facebook pals, but can't bring yourself to declare your love for them. Well there's an app for that. There;s a new free Facebook app which will at the very least give Cupid a bit of a nudge and may even bring you together. Both Interested enables users…

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Facebook Calling (of sorts) comes to the UK, goes global – from FooTalk

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This could be an interesting one. British based company FooTalk has announced an upgrade to its app which will enable Facebook users to talk to anyone in the world freely via their smartphone. Facebook Calling currently enables users to make free calls, but only inside North America. FooTalk's tweak means that Facebook's UK users can…

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Fancy watching your Facebook feed as a daily TV show!? Social Studios has the app

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Now this is a really smart idea. Over the past few years there have been countless ways to see the info from your Facebook feed in different formats. Flipboard,the magazine style version of your feed for the iPad is one that comes to mind and is still massively popular. Now here's a Facebook app that…

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FACEBOOK FAIL: Message from police about son's death goes to mother's other inbox

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We all know that Facebook's "Other" inbox is just a bit stupid. It allows random people to get in touch with you, but then when they do it doesn't alert you, it just files the messages away and more often than not they go unnoticed for a LONG time. It would be much more beneficial…

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