Made in China? Why the next Apple will probably be in Shanghai

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Features 1 Comment

[disclosure: I was taken to Berlin for IFA by Haier] It used to mean something cheap and plastic that played a tune and broke 3 days later. Now we all know that China makes some of the finest gadgets out there. They make the iPhone, they make LG TVs, they make many of the clothes…

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Anna's Goodbye to ShinyShiny: Steve Jobs is Moving On & So Am I

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ShinyShiny readers: Steve Jobs is moving on, and so am I. Don't know how often I'll get to make this comparison so while I can I'm milking it TO THE FULL. I'm moving on after 2 years of editing ShinyShiny - my first and favourite blog. Since taking over the reins from Shiny luminaries Zara…

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Blackberry: From Smartphone for the Suits to Hoodie Gadget

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Blackberry, Top Stories 7 Comments

Okay - I'll say straightaway that Blackberries are great mobile phones and a useful all-round tool for communication. Most people buy Blackberries because they work well. But the connection between Blackberry and youth culture - particularly deprived urban youth culture - has always fascinated me. Since BBs started out as the smartphones for suits -…

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After Duncan Bannatyne threatens to break someone's arms: Should we only tweet things that are true & responsible?

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Features, Top Stories 3 Comments

Dragon's Den star Duncan Bannatyne was forced to back down after asking his Twitter followers to break someone's arms. The 62-year-old millionaire removed the tweet after an outcry from his followers complaining that he was encouraging violence. Bannatyne was moved to the angry tweet after a nasty blackmail message from an account called @YuriVasilyev_ threatened…

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Why are Blackberries so popular with Hip-Hop Stars?

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Blackberry, Features, Top Stories 4 Comments

It has always fascinated me that Blackberries have such a niche in ghetto/urban style. They crop up in hip-hop lyrics all the time, the stars are often photographed clutching them to their ears. And lets just say that for every knitted iPhone cosy, there's a Blackberry with a customised patent leather case with the owner's…

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Facebook Top Friends: Why the randoms show up – finally explained

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Facebook, Top Stories, Trending 20 Comments

Trawling the hundreds of fascinating comments on our Facebook Top Friends story which questioned who turns up there and why, we came across a comment that might just explain it. I think someone has cracked it. Or at least, cracked the reason why randoms show up in there. No-one is questioning why your good friends…

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What will Apple do when they eventually stop growing?

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Apple, Features, Top Stories 5 Comments

Apple has risen so far so fast that it's not just negative tech bloggers with too much time on their hands who wonder whether it can possibly sustain the rise. And just how it's going to cope with the inevitable plateau. Apple overtook Microsoft to become the most valuable tech company on the stock market…

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How Google+ will change news and content on the web

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Features, Top Stories 2 Comments

We've discussed how Google Plus will affect your online social life, but how it will affect how content is found, shared and even made? It's a hazy look into the future topic but one worth the effort for news makers and their readers - as Google+ fever continues to sweep the 'netz weeks after it…

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Facebook Video Chat: Will we now need to Get Dressed Up to Go Online?

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Facebook, Top Stories Leave a Comment

For me, one of the joys of social networking is that you can do it while you're slumped on your bed wearing a tracksuit and eating a bowl of cereal. No make-up or cocktail dresses needed thank you. But Video Chat on Facebook could change that, as you never know when your colleague or that…

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The Google+ backlash: Do we really need Friend Circles? Aren't they all… just Friends?

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Features, Google, Top Stories 6 Comments

I know - five days ago I was writing about how the ability to sort your friends into Circles was a massive winner for Google+. But now, after a few days of sorting my friends into circles I've decided it's Not Such An Incredible Thing After All. The ability to group friends has been sold…

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Hero to the hackers, mental nerd to the tabloids: Ryan Cleary is a symbol of our times

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Hacking, Top Stories 3 Comments

Mark Zuckerberg was named Time's Man of the Year in 2010, but sometimes those lonely nerds stuck in their bedrooms do stuff that's dangerous as well as powerful. Papers have piled in to call 19 year-old Ryan Cleary a geek, and section him off as a weirdo. See the Mail's report which delved into Cleary's…

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Apple vs Tinie Tempah: Is the brand starting to lose its cool?

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Apple, Music 3 Comments

When Apple took out a patent on software which would stop people using their iPhones to film at gigs, it got Brit singer Tinie Tempah all riled up. He said it was wrong for Apple to stop people doing what they wanted with their phones. The new technology would allow venues with an infra-red signaller…

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Facebook & Microsoft think so: But do we want a conversation stream?

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Top Stories 1 Comment

A big trend in communications - promoted by everyone from Facebook to Microsoft to HTC is the idea of running together all your messages together in one all-consuming message stream. So your email from Jen flows into a thread with your text message from her, that Facebook chat you had the other day and a…

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When the Bin is Spying on you: Keeping data private on the Internet of Things

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Every so often the Daily Mail likes to publish a story about how the government will put computers in our bins so that they can spy on how much rubbish we're putting out and charge us more money. Well. One or two such pilot projects have failed - but, unfortunately for the Mail, measuring stuff…

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Has Facebook got too complicated? Site doesn't even "notice" latest data leak

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Facebook, Top Stories 8 Comments

In the flurry about smears, dirty PR and who is worst at dealing with sensitive user data, an interesting story about Facebook passed under the radar yesterday. The story was also about privacy. And surprise surprise - it wasn't good news for Facebook. Or Facebook users for that matter. Facebook admitted yesterday that they just…

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Sony Hack: Anonymous may not control the soliders… but they drew the battlelines

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Top Stories, Trending 2 Comments

Anonymous, the biggest hack of the past few years and why users need some legit channels for their problems on the internet Hackers group Anonymous may have been involved with the huge data leak at Sony, the CEO of Sony told a US government committee in a letter today. The intruder who took the data…

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How-To: Run a Global Operation WITHOUT email – what we can learn from Osama bin Laden

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Top Stories 3 Comments

If Osama bin Laden caused all that global chaos without email, just think what he could have done with Google Docs and a few iPhone productivity apps. It makes me shudder. I couldn't organise getting two people over for dinner without G-chat, google maps, text messages and possibly a Facebook reminder - so I was…

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Hate & hope through the webcam: Tyler Clementi and the It Gets Better Project

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Trending 2 Comments

The story of Tyler Clementi, his suicide and the aftermath is one of bullying, persecution and intolerance in America - and shows both the harm - and good - that can be done with the internet. A Rutgers court have just charged Dharun Ravi with intimidation and invasion of privacy - Tyler's room-mate who secretly…

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Another person who probably hasn't got very many friends on Facebook says Facebook makes you stupid

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OH REALLY. Another person has published another blog describing how Facebook makes us stupid. Nicolas Carr, blogger and author of The Shallows: What the Internet is doing to Our Brains writes: "Are you ashamed that you find Facebook boring? Are you angst-ridden by your weak social-networking skills? Buck up, my friend. The traits you consider…

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The real use for 3D TV technology – the porn industry

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Features, TVs and Home Cinema 3 Comments

It has been noted - largely by the porn industry - that porn has really led the way with 3D TV. They have been early adopters of the technology. The first 3D porn film opened in China over the weekend - to a rapturous reception. Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy cost $2m and uh -…

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