Nissan's smartwatch – the Nissan Nismo Concept watch. A great idea!

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Now this is rather cool. Not wanting to miss out on a tech bandwagon car makers are jumping in with their own smart watches. Nissan has this little beauty, the Nissan Nismo Concept Watch, which it is offering buyers of its high-end cars. It links with a smartphone via Bluetooth to offer a mix of…

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IFA 2013 – Ford adds Spotify, Tom Tom and others to its in-car AppLink system

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Ford has one upped the ante in the way cars are integrating consumer technology by revealing a host of new apps for its AppLink system at IFA. AppLink (which essentially connects a smartphone to Ford's SYNC connected dashboard system) now works some really interesting content company and service providers including Spotify, Tom Tom and…

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Nissan developing self-healing, Scratch Shield iPhone case

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Although even the toughest cases may keep your phone scratch-free, they're certainly not invincible, and if you're as clumsy as us you end up working your way through them at a rather fast pace. Well now Nissan aims to bring the clever paint technology it uses on some of its cars to a phone case…

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Electric cars to take over London

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A number of car manufacturers have made electric, hybrid and low-CO2 emitting vehicles over the past few years, including the likes of Fiat, Honda and Citroen, as well as more niche brands like Tesla Motors. Most people see these cars as brilliant ideas, but they're often considered a bit too pricey or high maintenance, so…

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IFA 2011 – Ford adds MyKey restriction technology to its cars

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Car manufacturer Ford will be revealing a new kind of technology for its European vehicles called MyKey at IFA in Berlin today. MyKey will allow car owners to program a special key for their vehicles, which then enables them to activate a number of restrictions, such as top speeds and audio volume. The technology has…

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Turn left at the Temple: How SatNavs work in places without street names

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Interesting point from an employee of NavTeq, the satnav makers, at mobile location conference MoMoLo last night. He was explaining how navigation companies make maps and directions in countries where streets don't have names. The answer? They do just what humans do - use landmarks. Of course this is an early science, but it's something…

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Geneva Motor Show: Ford unveil an all-electric Focus – their first zero-emissions car

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Ford have reinvented their classic Focus car this year for the Geneva Motor Fest by whipping out the internal combustion engine and replacing it with a battery. Their new Focus Electric is run completely on electricity and has no carbon emissions. It's not just a model for the show either - it's going into production…

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Is it a handbag..? no – it's a car! Citroen DS3 gets an Orla Kiely makeover

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You may be more used to seeing those little acorn and stem designs from Orla Kiely on pencils and laptop bags, but Citroen have just gone and pasted them all over a car. A car which you, dear reader, can go and buy. Though they mocked-up a wrap-over patterned car for the concept model, what…

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#CES: Yes, the car is now on the internet – HARMAN announcement

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Your trusty family car could soon be just as wired up to the internet as your laptop or mobile as manufacturers seek to get internet connections into cars. It's a hotly tipped area in tech this year. I'm expecting Apple to bust out an iCar any week now... just think of these new cars as…

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New Hyundai Equus car comes with a free iPad… as a user manual

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We'd like to call this a free iPad, but you need to purchase a £30,000 car to get the benefit of the deal. Hyundai are giving away a free iPad with their new Equus 2011 which debuted at the Los Angeles SEMA car show. It's pretty swish though, check on it below... The iPad contains…

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Pictures & Video of Mini's first scooter: E Concept is a zippy all-electric treat

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Mini has made its scooter debut at the Paris Motor Show 2010. with the e-concept range. Clearly aimed at young urbanites, the new range of electric scooters even boasts space on the handlebars to accommodate a smartphone, such as an iPhone. The iPhone bit is waterproof in case you're wondering. Various colours are available including…

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It's a Fashion Buggy! Pictures of the Lacoste Citroen concept car

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Fashion brand Lacoste - known for minimalist preppy sports-inspired fashion and their alligator logo - have collaborated with Citroen to make a car. It's a real fashion buggy. What with it being a concept car, it doesn't actually exist as a commercial product, but if it did, I fear it would be out of my…

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Breathalyzer Gadget that disables cars goes mandatory in New York

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Drivers convicted of Drinking Under the influence in New York will now be forcibly fitted with a new gadget. The Ignition Interlock is like the opposite of pimping your car: it's a car lock combined with a breathalyzer. Clamping over the ignition switch it requires the driver to blow into the mouthpiece anytime they want…

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The danger of using mobile maps abroad: why GPS is free but downloading maps isn't

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While the electronic maps function on mobile phones is one of their big selling points, they can be expensive beasts to run abroad. Some testing by Garmin on an HTC phone on an O2 pay as you go contract showed that using mobile navigation on the 185 mile Calais to Paris trip cost £24 to…

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Q&A on WhipCar: the site that lets you rent a car from your neighbours

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Yes WhipCar is another online car rental service, but with a slight twist. This time you're not just renting a car from a company with a car pool - you're renting it from your neighbours. Yes, that's right. From John down the road or Maureen next door. So who can rent out cars? Anyone with…

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Shiny Video: launch of Peugeot's BB1, the cutest electric car ever

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The Cheeky girls were there, and so was ShinyShiny. We managed to push celebs aside and get a look at Peugeot's new electric car the BB1: branded as half scooter, half car, it fits four people, has handlebars instead of a steering wheel, and the cutest squished windscreen you ever saw.

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