Ten Halloween costumes for women from geeky to gruesome

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Whether you see Halloween as a chance to dress up in something glam, show off your 'geek' cred, or simply scare the neighbourhood children (serves them right, begging for sweets like that), there's a costume to suit your every whim. But choosing one with just a few days to go can be overwhelming.…

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10 things to consider when buying a budget phone

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These days to get your hands on a half decent smartphone you don't need to spend obscene amounts of money since there are budget phones all over the place trying to get themselves into your hand/front pocket. While it's similar to buying a flagship phone, there are certain things you need to be…

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7 things to consider when you’re buying a high-end camera

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So you're in the market for a camera but you don't want to settle for something basic or cheap, you want one of the best cameras currently on the market -- something seriously high end. But when it comes to expensive gadgetry you don't want to end up overpaying for something that isn't…

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Five thrilling reads to fill the Gone Girl-shaped gap in your life

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Whether you're waiting until after the movie to read the book, or you finished it months ago, you can expect to feel bereft once you've turned Gone Girl's final page. The good news is that the stratospheric success of Gillian Flynn's addictively twisty-turny story has inspired a boom in psychological thrillers, especially ones by…

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