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Action this by EOP: the world’s worst corporate email speak

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We’re taught many things at school that are meant to prepare us for the world of work, but at no point do I remember being told what EOP stands for. Nor did any of my teachers brief me on how best to go about being onboarded, or explain what it means when a future boss…

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The new narcissism: why am I addicted to my own Facebook profile?

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I’d like to admit something, and ask politely that none of you judge me. We are all friends here, in the cozy and confidential circle of trust that is the internet, aren’t we? Right then, here goes. My name is Lauren, and I Facebook-stalk myself. I am ashamed of the amount of time I spend…

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Parents served a stalking order after monitoring daughter's phone and computer

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We always come across really worrying software and apps designed to help suspicious - and sometimes just actually mental - people stalk their boyfriends and girlfriends and wives and husbands. However, a case over in the US has got people talking because a college student has been granted a civil stalking order against her parents…

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STUDY: Now Facebook could be making you fat

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Facebook's regularly blamed for everything, from making us thicker to breaking up marriages and relationship left, right and centre. But today a new study reveals that it could be making us fat and spend too much as well. Great news. According to The Telegraph today, interacting with close friends on social networking sites raises your…

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STUDY: Tech tops Christmas 2012 wish lists in the UK

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It seems we've become a nation of gadget geeks this year as a study into what we're all wishing for this Christmas has found most of us have our fingers crossed for a shiny new piece of tech. The research, commissioned by, polled a total of 2,108 adults from around the UK and found…

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STUDY: Twitter DMing is the new sexting for online scumbags

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Single guys and girls no longer meet through friends, dating sites or (god forbid) in real life, but spend most of their time finding new people, flirting and being dirtbags on Twitter, according to a new study. The research, commissioned by discount website, found that out of 1,267 active and single Twitter users more…

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STUDY: Facebook research finds mo friends mo problems

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Yeah we know, we know, we're a bit sick of the endless Facebook research that proves absolutely nothing too. But this one is quite interesting. And by interesting we mean you should read it before you get even more social media overload and your head explodes. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh Business School have…

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STUDY: Are over 40s really the most prolific scumbag sexters?

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The media likes us to think that it's only over-sexed teens and Scarlet Johansson who send naughty texts, but according to recent research it's actually the over 40s who are the biggest scumbags when it comes to risque messages, dirty chats and naked photos. The study, commissioned by, found that 37% of those polled…

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Careless Brits lose more than £130 million worth of phones at festivals

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If you went to a festival this year and dropped your phone down a toilet, left it somewhere in a beer-fuelled daze or accidentally threw it into the crowds never to be seen again then you may be careless, stupid and a bit of a drunk, but you're definitely not alone, as research has found…

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STUDY: Would you give up sex and coffee for the new iPhone?

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In a bid to prove just how obsessed we all are about Apple products, new research has found that men would be willing to give up all kinds of things they stereotypically love to get their hands on the latest iPhone a little bit earlier than anyone else, including sex, drinking and coffee. The survey,…

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STUDY: Brits spend only an hour a day away from their beloved gadgets

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Most of us are well aware that we're too attached to our gadgets, just look at the studies that suggest we check Facebook before we do anything else in the morning, text during sex or sit back and watch the world implode later today if O2 doesn't get its act together. However, new research shows…

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STUDY: 20% of men keep photos of their exes [SCUMBAGS]

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The fact many of us share so much of our lives online means break-ups can be pretty confusing, do you delete your ex from all your photos? Do you hide all of those cheesy statuses about how smitten you are? Do you go from "single" to "in a relationship" and force your friends to see…

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STUDY: Brits are bored of Blu-ray because it's too expensive

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Blu-ray discs first became available to the public back in the summer of 2006 and since then they've smugly looked down on us from shop shelves across the country, making us feel poor, inadequate and sad about the fact we just have regular DVD players. Well it seems we're not the only ones who've had…

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Obsessive phone checking amounts to three extra weeks of work a year

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If you rely on your phone during a normal working day, you'll probably find yourself constantly checking to see if that important email has arrived, looking up what time your next meeting is and staring blankly at your screen waiting for the call from your boss that you've been dreading. Due to the fact we…

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Is social media making teen girls sound more aggressive?

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Ah social media, first it's making us more insecure then it's making us more confident, later it's improving our language skills and the next minute it's reducing us all to dumb sub-humans that ONLY TLK LYK DIS. Well now it seems linguistics professors believe all the time young people spend texting one another and updating…

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STUDY: 60% of Brits will be bragging from their holidays abroad this year

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Holidays used to be about exploring exciting cultural destinations, swimming in the sea or just drinking far too many margaritas by the pool. But, it seems that when we're on holiday nowadays many of us just can't help boasting about what an incredible time we're having online. According to the research carried out by T-Mobile,…

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FACEBOOK: Woman takes legal action after trolls set up fake abusive account

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A British woman is set to take legal action against Facebook after online trolls set up a fake account in her name and began sending abusive messages to young girls. The internet may be full of wonderful and magical things, but unfortunately we know all too well that if you're going to get all of…

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Now there's a handy scale to prove we're all addicted to Facebook

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We don't need some kind of fancy research to tell us we spend far too much time on Facebook, our incessant checking of the news feed and daily stalking of everyone we've EVER met proves that. But, if you did want to find out whether you're an actual addict, then the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale…

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