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At the moment if you want to buy a Phablet aka a big screen mobile, your best bet is clearly the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It has a striking screen, lightning quick processor and one of the best cameras on a mobile.

There's also a good selection of cases available for the phone too

Check these out.

Pink gadgets are back! Here's the evidence


Round about five years ago the stores were awash with gadgets in all manner of pink. Pretty much every consumer electronics maker had a selection of phones, music players and more in salmon, fuchsia, coral or just shockingly loud.

But then along came the iPhone and the market for girly pink gadgets seem to die almost overnight.

There are however signs that pink gadgets might be about to make a comeback. So if you want pink gadgets here are a few that are of the more recent contenders.

There are thousands of iPhone 5 cases, but not many of them are as quirky or as lovable as this lot.

Quickie guide to Apple iPad mini cases

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Here's a round up of some of the latest Apple iPad mini cases. Includes cases from fashion houses alongside smart models that incorporate Bluetooth keyboards and more.

Star Wars and A Team commemorative plates

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starwarsplates.jpgThere's a great spot by the team at Stylist today who have picked up on a commemorative plate designer who is doing her bit to bring old school crockery to a new audience. So rather than focus on royalty and religious figures artist Angela Rossi upcycles vintage, antique and just plain old plates and gives them a contemporary makeover.

Pictured here is her set of Star Wars plates but the designer has also had a crack The A team's Mr T, Che Guevara, and more.

The designs which are added to original plates sell for anything from £10 to £166 and are available from the excellently named Beat Up Creations website.

Orbitsound drops M10LX Soundbar

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orbitsound sound bar.jpgOrbitsound, makers of the sound bar, has a new model on its books. The £249 M10LX houses a wired subwoofer and delivers 250 watts of sound. It also includes Orbitsound's patented 'spatial sound' and enhanced audio definition.

The M10LX is crafted from wood and hand-finished in ultra high-gloss. It includes seven individually amplified speakers, including two speakers located either side.

It is mobile compatible too with integrated Bluetooth enabled wireless streaming meaning it can play music from any smartphone or tablet.

In its AV guise the M10LX connects to the TV with a single optical cable, playing everything that is connected to it, including cable boxes, Blu-ray players and game consoles.

James Symonds, Category Manager for Home Cinema at Currys & PC World who have an exclusive deal on the speaker commented: "The UK soundbar market is experiencing huge growth, as consumers become more discerning in their appreciation of quality sound in the home and recognise soundbars as a keen style statement. We've worked closely with Orbitsound to develop the M10LX - the perfect solution for anyone looking at stylish home entertainment with superior sound quality."

Samsung Galaxy S4 High-End/luxury Cases

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Samsung's Galaxy S 4 continues to be one of the fastest selling phones ever. And if you have bought one then you'll need one of these high-end-ish, luxury cases to protect your lovely new mobile.

mutewatch.jpgI must admit to being rather taken by the very retro, but in a futurist kind of way if that's possible, Mutewatch when it debuted a couple of years back. This was very stylish minimalist watch that boasts a hidden touch screen and a silent vibrating alarm.

You basically had to touch the screen and then swipe through its various options - clock, alarm timer etc. It was elegant intuitive and loads of fun. It really didn't feel like watch to be honest.

So it is great that the company is back with a trio of new versions of the Mutewatch in Nova Purple, Indigo Blue and Ivy Green. They retail for £199 and are available on from June 13, and in retail stores around the world from the beginning of July.

According to Mutewatch CEO, Mai-Li Hammargren, "The main goal of Mutewatch is to create simple tools with a retro feel, that help people manage the overflow of information we experience each day. Our aim has also been to create a pioneering, iconic design inspired by Rubik's cube and Swedish minimalism. After the introduction of the original colours, we are excited to create new products that our fans been asking for since we launched in 2011."

kisai intoxicated.jpgThe Tokyoflash mob have always come up with some fascinating watches - mostly because of their peculiar way of telling you the time. This one however might be the company's oddest one yet.

Called the Kisai Intoxicated, it is as it sounds a watch that features a blood alcohol, sensor that will tell you how drunk you are.

To make it work you open the sensor cap and press the alcohol button to start the test. Once the sensor has warmed up, you blow for 5 seconds and wait for the watch to give an on screen reading.

The display on the right of the screen shows 10 different levels of blood alcohol content. A green display showing 0.00‰ means you're sober. A yellow display showing between 0.41 and 0.60‰ means you're buzzing. A red display showing 0.61‰ or above means you're drunk!

I am not entirely sure how useful it might be as evidence should you have a run in with police officer, but it is fun little addition to a very stylish watch which is made of stainless steel, sports an LCD display with colored backlighting and has time, date, alarm and is charged via USB.

It is available at the special release price of $99 (€76, £64) until Friday June 21st at 4pm(Japan time).

We have all been there. The alarm clock is ringing away but no matter how loud it gets there's no way you are coming back from the land of nod. Well a US boffin has come up with a neat way of ensuring that when the alarm goes you fly out of bed.

He has basically combined an alarm with a shredder, so if you don't get up you get fined with that fiver shredded beyond legal use.

The inventor Rich Olson created the device by hacking together a Sparkfun Clockit and a USB paper shredder .

Of course it is a prototype for now - and in many countries it is illegal to destroy money - but maybe one day we will all have a very good reason to get up pronto!

Sony Xperia Z Cases round up

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Sony's Xperia Z mobiles with its great camera, superb sound quality and not forgetting, waterproof screen has become one of the surprise mobile hits of 2013. And it bodes very well for what the company might unveil in the future.

If you have bought one though, you'll need a decent case. Here is the best of what's available.

Sony is on a bit of a roll at the moment. Here are some other excellent new products from the company.

The best BlackBerry Q10 Cases

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Since its launch the Q10 has become very popular with BlackBerry devotees. This could well be because its keeps the company's trademark keyboard at the expense of a few inches off the screen size.

Naturally there has already been a large number of cases for the mobile. Here is our pick of the bunch.

survivorskin-galaxys4-group-1.jpgGriffin's Survivor mobile phone cases have the reputation for being among the toughest in the business. So after rolling out versions for the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini the company has turned its attention to the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a super tough case that's due to land shortly.

The case is made from extra-thick silicone that envelopes your phone, protecting the back, sides and edges from bumps, jolts and other nasties. It also has a smooth, matte textured exterior that's easy to grip yet includes cutouts for access to controls, headphone jack and dock connector. The Survivors retail for £34.99 for the phone versions and £49.99 for the iPad mini option.

Griffin also has the perfect present for any father wanting a bit of peace on his special day and any other one to be honest. Its Griffin CinemaSeat for iPad and iPad mini means that youngsters in the back seat can be kept very quiet while dad focuses on the important stuff - that'll be the driving then. Yours for £29.99.

Details and availability here.

The other day we took a peek at some of the most interesting men's watches on sale, You know the ones that pack gadgets, sport unusual features or simply require a degree in astrophysics in order to tell the time.

But why should the blokes have all the fun? Here is a selection of our favourite women's watches.

Very soon now the world of watches will be changed forever as Apple, Samsung and whole load of others release their smart watches into the world. So instead of checking your texts on your mobiles you'll be checking your wrist.

But it is likely that smart watches even if they become huge will not appeal to everyone, People buy watches for all manner of reasons. Sure some to access features and gadgets but other times simply because they look stunning.

Here then is a round up of watches for men that are either stylish or packed with interesting widgets.

lionelhead.jpgIs this the most bizarre Kickstarter project ever? Could be. After failing in their campaign last year the intrepid Hungry Castle team are back with a new attempt to create a massive inflatable Lionel Richie head for the Isle of Wight's Bestival.

Yep, you read that right.

So why does Bestival need an inflatable head of the Three Times A Lady fella?

Well this is not just a massive mountain of kitsch oh no!, It is an interactive immersive experience.

As HC says

This will be a fully immersive, slightly surreal and very personal experience. As people enter one at a time, they will discover at the core of Lionel's Head lies a telephone. When a person answers the phone, they hear 'Hello, is it me you're looking for?'

Genius eh?

The team need the cash to get the Lionel Richie Head at a respectable height (3m)./ The money will also be spent on internal turbines to keep his head up, internal sandbags to keep his head down and £1,000 for overnight Bestival security (aka Head Guards).

That leads to a grand total of just shy of £4900. There's also a stretch total which would mean an even bigger six metres high head.

And what do you get for your cash investors? Well masks, t shirts and more and if you stump up over a grand you can even camp in the head for the night.



So you weren't too impressed by this lot? Then chances are that you are going to like this little collection of gadget and gifts a little more.

What with three more films to look forward to and the first one likely to made in the UK, things are looking up for Star Wars fans.

As long as Disney don't mess things up...

High Octane days out for Father's Day

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Of course you could furnish your old man with a gadget or gift or two - see this list here. But if you want to give him a day to remember here are a few suggestions of days out which ought to confirm to both of you that there is life in the dog yet.

And is high octane car racing, tank paintballing and surfing aren't his thing, then there are a few more gentle pursuits at the end of the list.

spyglasses.jpgAs you probably already know Google's Glass is a gorgeously high tech product that have huge number of uses from offering sat nav type directions to enabling a person to have instant access to emails.

Except that the good old Daily Mail thinks that we will only be using them for one thing. Its take on the glasses is... Google's sinister glasses will turn the whole world into search giant's spies.

It reports

But of all the promised features of these spectacular specs, it is the glasses' ability to take pictures and shoot video footage and upload it instantly to the internet that is proving most disturbing.

Some fear candid camera snooping will become all too easy when no one realises that the person simply looking in their direction is actually filming them.

While the paper frets about Google Glass it really ought to have noticed that spy specs have been on sale in the UK for a while now. And they are getting rather sophisticated too.

Take this model which on sale via Online Spy Shop.

They are basically rather ordinary looking specs that house a camera that can archive up to 90m minutes of colour video. And once again the person you are filing almost certainly won't know that they are being captured on video.

The smart bit is that the cable runs from the rear frame of the spectacles and down your collar to plug directly into the matchbox DVR which is hidden in a pocket or under clothing.

Google Glass is expected to retail for at least £1000 when they go on sale later in the year, these costy just £438 and are available now.

Just don't tell the Mail.

As you would expect one of the fastest selling phones in mobile history has spawned a huge number of cases and accessories.

Interestingly there is already quite a number of high-end luxury style cases for the mobile and here are our favourites.

Though if you want a really flash phone then go here.

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