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Samsung and HTC make fun of wearables with tech glove April Fools' Day jokes

We all know the wearable tech industry is an exciting space at the moment, but it's also filled with a lot of hype and gimmicky gadgets that we don't even want to look at, let alone strap to our...more

Competitions & Promotions

COMPETITION: Show us the record that changed your life with a #SleeveSelfie and win a Teac record player

You can call it making a #sleeveface or even #vinyling, but with the popularity of the selfie sky-rocketing and the popularity of vinyl steadily rising amongst retro-lovers and hipsters, what better way to hijack a narcissistic trend with your favourite...more

smartmat-wifi copythumb.jpg

The SmartMat is the latest gadget for your connected home

There are smart bulbs, TVs, kettles, ovens and plugs on the market, so we're hardly surprised that the SmartMat is now available to alert you of all the comings and goings inside your home. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter,...more


You can now walk and text without getting hurt

Over the weekend, Cult of Mac revealed details of an Apple patent that would make texting and walking a little safer. The idea behind the patent was that a live feed from your camera could be piped through to the...more


Facebook adds Groups and weird forwarding feature to Messenger

Facebook has updated its Messenger app for iOS today by adding in a Groups feature. Yep, you can add more than one person to a conversation already, but this will allow you to Group people together and spam them...more


LOLZ of the day: The @buzzfeedquizz parody Twitter account

As much as we love Buzzfeed and its abundance of quizzes, cats, lists and quizzes we love a good parody Twitter account that rips at the fabric of its existence and makes a mockery of everything it stands for even...more


The best apps for breaking bad habits (and sticking with good ones)

We all know that the beginning of the year really isn't the best time to address our bad habits. If anything a lack of alcohol/chocolate/curling up in bed in the foetal position in January is going to make us less...more


UpTo launches calendar app for social butterflies

On the surface UpTo looks like a regular calendar app, sync it with your existing calendar and you're presented with a much slicker (and yep, not to mention prettier) way of seeing what's going on in both your personal...more


Samsung's first Smart Bulb will last a whole decade

It may have been beaten to the finish line by Philips, and more recently LG, but Samsung's first smart LED bulb has been unveiled and it's called, wait for it, the Smart Bulb. It looks like other offerings but...more


Twitter launches real-time music chart (but only in the US)

Twitter and US-based music magazine Billboard have teamed up to launch a new chart, which will rank music based on what's being shared and tweeted about the most (but only by US users). According to a post on the...more


Twitter might take a second stab at a music service

Remember when Twitter launched a music app and service called #Music? Yeah, we don't either, but it looks like we wrote about it this time last year. Last week Twitter officially removed #Music from the app store, presumably because...more


Readly: Spotify for magazines launches in the UK

In the same way Spotify has changed the way we listen to music and Netflix has changed the way we watch TV, Readly is here to shake up the way we read our favourite magazines. You pay a flat...more


Never screw up a recipe again with this iPad-connected kitchen scale

There are already loads of apps designed to make cooking, baking and experimenting in the kitchen easier than ever, so it's about time we had more gadgets that sync up with our apps in case we make a mistake....more


Twitter wants your images, lets you add four to tweets and tag people

Over the past few weeks everyone's been talking about the rumours that Twitter could soon phase out some of its most popular features, like the hash tag (oh dear) and the @ reply (say it isn't so?). But in...more

3D Printing

Here are some weird things you didn't know could be 3D printed

We all know 3D printing is well and truly a "thing" now, but other than allowing arty types to make really lame-looking vases and firearm-wielding Americans to print guns, what can you actually do with your overpriced 3D printing equipment?...more


The best apps for busy news junkies: Feedly, Flipboard, Yahoo News Digest

No one has time to sit back and slowly comb through the newspaper each morning, so we've collected together our top apps for consuming the news on-the-go from your phone. We'd recommend trying out a few of them to...more


5 Mother's Day gift ideas for last-minute shoppers: Jawbone, Ted Baker, John Lewis

There's not long to go now until Mother's Day here in the UK (it's Sunday the 30th of March you terrible human being), so we've collected together some last-minute gift ideas for those in a panic about what to buy....more

Health & Sport

Jawbone launches UP24 fitness tracker with wireless connectivity

Jawbone has released a new version of its Up activity tracker today called the Up24, which features wireless connectivity, allowing users to sync up data to their iOS or Android phones via Bluetooth. Those who have the original Up...more


This could be what the new iPhone 6 looks like (maybe)

No one knows for sure what the newest iphone - rumoured to be unveiled in a few months - will look like, but there are plenty of design concepts already online and these from iCulture are our favourites so far....more


Is Facebook's acquisition of Oculus VR really all that bad?

Last night the tech world was shook to its very core when Facebook announced in an investor press release that it has acquired virtual reality company Oculus VR - known for its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset that (up...more

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