Which smartwatch should you buy? Pebble Steel, Nike+ and Apple Watch

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Smartwatches are a fairly new member of the gadgets family, and have yet to really reach the same level of popularity as smartphones or tablets. Considering they have yet to ingrain themselves into mainstream society you might not be aware of what smartwatches are, and chances are you have seen many out in the world, but didn’t even realise it wasn’t an ordinary watch. So what are they?

As the name suggests a smartwatch is an upgraded watch that is basically a wristborn computer, similar to how a smartphone is a small computer masquerading as a phone.  Because a smartwatch utilises computer components, it means they are capable of performing actions that far exceed simply telling time. In fact, some of them are even capable of browsing the internet.

So why do you need one? Can’t you just check your phone for the time? Yes, but the smartwatch is primarily utilised as an extension of your smartphone so that you don’t have to keep pulling it out of your pocket all the time.

By linking to your phone via Bluetooth, your watch becomes capable of displaying notifications on your wrist. Can’t tell if that buzz is a text or an email? A quick glance at your wrist will tell you that, plus more, and it only takes a split second to do so. All smartwatches function as communication centres, but some high-tech smartwatches even allow you to reply to messages and even take calls. As mentioned before, some of them even connect to Wi-Fi and let you surf your web on your teeny tiny screen.

Well now you know roughly what a smartwatch is, which ones should you be buying. Read on to find out.

By Tom Pritchard | September 2nd, 2014

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