Scientists can turn bad memories into good ones (kind of)

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Weirdly, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Men in Black might not have been that far off the mark with their memory-wiping devices. We’re not quite there yet, but while we wait, scientists have discovered a way to change bad memories into good ones. They were particularly interested in place-specific memories, as we store…

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Amazon’s released its new round of pilots (and wants to know what you think)

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It’s Amazon pilots season again: when they unveil initial episodes of several prospective online series and allow customers (and critics) to tell them what we think. This time around, everyone’s favourite geek from the O.C, Adam Brody, has a lead role in The Cosmopolitans, a Paris-set comedy about a group of expats that also stars…

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Moviegoers don’t care about CGI, say neuroscientists

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All those fantastical worlds filmmakers create on computers might give movies an impressive backdrop or stunningly scary monsters, but when it comes to CGI, it turns out viewers' natural reaction is... meh. Neuroscientists from Birkbeck teamed up with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AKA the Oscars people) and Swedish eye tracking company…

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IBM’s artifical intelligence program Watson is helping medical research

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It might not have the charm of Martin Freeman, but IBM’s cognitive computing program Watson could even out-think Sherlock Holmes. Three years ago, it beat US quiz show Jeopardy’s most successful contestant of all time, Ken Jennings. In future, it could help cure diseases. This week, scientists from the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas…

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Apple rumours: Sept 9th made official, could the 5.5-inch model be skipped?

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Those Apple rumours just keep coming, especially coming up to the iPhone 6′s rumoured launch window, and keeping up with them all is proving to be a difficult task. To keep you up to speed, here is today’s round-up of the biggest Apple rumours and news. 1. Apple confirms September 9th as a press event,…

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Eight futuristic running and fitness gadgets to look forward to

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Running brings all kinds of rewards – from providing time to listen to your favourite songs to preventing disease. But like everything else, it's even more worthwhile if you can add some fun tech to the mix. There are some great gadgets and wearables on the market already, but here are some we'll see over the…

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12 Sports leggings & running tights to keep you comfy, active & stylish

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Whether you enjoy running, working up a sweat in the gym or taking part in some gentle pilates practice, leggings and running tights are a fitness fanatic's friends. They're more practical than jogging bottoms, more stylish than shorts and can transition seamlessly from the yoga studio to the road. Sports brands and fashion brands…

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Overconfidence is the key to success, says study

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If you’ve ever dealt with the manager of a company and wondered how they got into that position considering they don’t really seem to know what they’re doing, a new study explains how that happens. It’s all about (over)confidence. Researchers from Newcastle University and the University of Exeter discovered that other people’s opinions of our…

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Hello Kitty isn’t a cat, she’s a British girl & 7 other lies that’ll blow your mind

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Today the earth was shook to its very core when news broke that Hello Kitty (that's right, we wrote KITTY) isn't actually a cat. That's right. Hello Kitty (again, KITTY) isn't actually a cat. We'll give you a minute to process that one... According to Buzzfeed, anthropologist Christine R. Yano was curating a Hello Kitty…

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Runners rejoice! Seven scientifically-proven reasons running is good for you #RunningWeek

Diane Shipley Tech 1 Comment

We all know that running makes you fitter, is good for the heart, and can put you in a better mood. But you might not be aware of all of the physical and emotional advantages of heading out for a run. Even scientists don't know it all: they're discovering new benefits all the time that…

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The best Pinterest boards for running tips, gear & motivation #RunningWeek

Laura Kidd Tech 1 Comment

The hardest part of running is taking the first step. We all know that exercise endorphins are there to make us feel great, and if you're already a runner you'll also know that even a short jog can vastly improve your day. But goodness me, isn't that comfy duvet appealing in the morning, and aren't you so tired…

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shinyshiny speaks to Bangs about running motivation, fitness tech and why mentoring is so important #RunningWeek

Becca Caddy Tech 1 Comment

Here at shinyshiny I get the opportunity to speak to inspiring people from the worlds of tech, design and fitness on a daily basis. But the interview today holds a very special place in my heart because it's with a blogger I've followed, admired and learned a hell of a lot from over the past few years,…

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