Share the ‘Orange is the New Black’ love with these smartphone covers

Would you throw your pie for Alex Vause, or are you more of a Piper fan? (And if the latter: whyyyyy?) Either way, you can declare your character allegiances for everyone’s favourite Netflix show via these fun fan art Orange is the New Black smartphone cases that come in white. And, um, orange and black. (Thanks for the tip, Chip Chick.)

Slogans include “I’d throw my pie for Alex Vause”, “I’d throw my pie for Piper Chapman” and “Vanilla and vanilla swirl”. There doesn’t seem to be a “Life’s Methy” Pennsatucky version, or one with a picture of a screwdriver and the caption “Boo!” And I’m personally holding out for a #TeamPoussey case. (I mean, right?) But maybe they’re in the works.

The good news is the cases that do exist are available for all kinds of phones, from the iPhone 3G to the Galaxy S5, and there are iPod Touch versions, too. They’re all hard and impact-resistant, just like Alex.

Order for $35 each from Society6.

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Diane ShipleyShare the ‘Orange is the New Black’ love with these smartphone covers