Cute Overload #5: This lovebird just wants to be fabulous, OK?

Hayley Minn Fun

As we told you earlier, animals do have feelings, and this lovebird quite clearly proves that.

For this week’s Cute Overload, we meet this bird who just wants to be fabulous. We have so much love for her, as she starts cutting out paper to shove under her feathers, in order to make a new tail.

The commentary is just adorable too, as the owner says: “This is my lovebird; She doesn’t like to show her tail.” ¬†This is basically us putting on shoes, because we hate our feet, so we can TOTALLY relate.

Watch the video above, if you want to waste time on this sunny Friday afternoon.

Image via Boaz Joseph

By Hayley Minn | July 4th, 2014

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