Nanosupplements could increase our iron levels

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Forget broccoli, scientists have developed a new nanosupplement that should allow us to take in extra iron with zero side effects. We need good levels of the mineral in our blood so that we can make haemoglobin, which transports oxygen around the body. But anaemia is a common problem, particularly for women, especially when we’re…

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A new dissolving fabric could prevent HIV

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Well, this is a bit clever. Bioengineers have developed a new form of HIV protection for women that comes in the form of a dissolving fabric. A team from the University of Washington created the material by dissolving a polymer and mixing it with maraviroc, an antiretroviral drug currently prescribed for patients with HIV. They…

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Galaxy Note 3 color options (1)

Is Samsung about to launch its first metal phone?

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We’ve already reported today that Samsung has announced the UK release dates for their two new devices, the Galaxy S5 Mini and the Galaxy Young 2. Now, it’s also been revealed that the mobile company is launching its first non-plastic phone. Samsung Mobile’s senior vice president, Kim Hyun-joon told investors and analysts that a large-screened…

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Mobile rumours: Nexus 6 by HTC, Galaxy Alpha release date, and the Tizen phone put on hold

Tom Pritchard Gadgets & Apps 2 Comments

The world of mobile news is scary and complicated, with rumours flying about all over the place about what the many different companies are planning on doing. If you don’t know what you’re looking for then chances are you won’t get very far, so to ease your burden here are some of today’s biggest mobile…

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Other people’s brainwaves can predict what we want to watch

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Scientists have known for a long time that certain areas of our brains light up when we’re enjoying what we’re watching. But researchers from the City College of New York and Georgia Tech wanted to find out if they could use the reactions of a small group of people to predict how millions more would…

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Could tiny robot propellers replace medication?

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Who needs medication, or surgeries, or much of anything really when we could soon have tiny robot propellors running through our veins? It might sound like science fiction (or that old Dennis Quaid movie I was always too squeamish to watch), but it’s real. Scientists from the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute, the Max Planck Institute…

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Meet the tech bikes of the future: Copenhagen Wheel, Denny, Merge and Solid

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With special apps which promise to map you the best cycling routes, lights that make night cycling safer, bike-friendly lorries and the popularisation of peer-to-peer bike rental, this year has already seen cycling thrust into the limelight, partly fuelled by the horrifying increase in cycle deaths in the capital. Against this backdrop, there have of course been some brilliant…

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Self-driving cars coming to UK roads in 2015

Diane Shipley Living & Decor 1 Comment

The FBI might think they’re a menace, but the UK government doesn’t want to hear from naysayers and spoilsports: they’ve given the go-ahead for driverless cars on public roads by 2015. (Am I the only one whose mind immediately went to David Hasselhoff? Oh, I am? OK.) Keen to encourage investment cash innovation, business secretary…

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8 Reasons why Extant is your new online TV addiction

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If you're desperate to fill that huge Orange Is The New Black-shaped hole in your life, then we may have a solution for you: Extant. The Spielberg web series (that's being aired on Amazon Prime Instant Video here in the UK) may be more sci-fi thriller set in the future than dark comedy set in…

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Science can predict which selfies we’ll like best

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We’d always thought that, despite this photo app-heavy era, it’s possible to make real connections online that aren’t defined by how people look. Turns out, we’re idealistic fools and human beings are depressingly superficial. Psychologists from the University of York conducted a new study to find out whether they could predict how their subjects would…

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Apple rumours: iWatch woes, new Mac Mini, and yet another iPhone 6 chassis

Tom Pritchard Gadgets & Apps 1 Comment

Both Tim Cook and Eddie Cure have claimed that this year will feature the most exciting Apple product line-up so far, which sounds incredibly exciting. Can you not wait for the official announcement to take place? Well why not have a skim through our daily round-up of the latest rumours and leaks related to all…

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