Soulra Rugged Rukus is the solar-charged Bluetooth speaker you need

With Glastonbury rapidly approaching, you may be trying to make sure you’ve got everything on your checklist ticked off. But, if you’re still looking for a good speaker to blast your music out of, the Rugged Rukus could be for you.

Thanks to a solar panel, this wireless Bluetooth speaker can keep going for eight hours, with just five hours of sunlight, and can connect to any smartphone or tablet. It can also be charged up via a USB charging cable.

The Rugged Rukus is also super compact and lightweight, so won’t weigh you down, has a USB output to charge your smartphone on the go, and is even splash proof, so it won’t get ruined if you get caught in a typical English downpour!

The speaker is priced at £89.99 and available from the Soulra website.

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Hayley MinnSoulra Rugged Rukus is the solar-charged Bluetooth speaker you need