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Selfridges’ Fragrance Lab will produce your own individual perfume, made just for you

Are you tired of meeting other people wearing the same perfume as you, and want to change your fragrance up a bit? Selfridges has created a Fragrance Lab where you can create your own individual scent, with the help of experts.

Starting off in a doctor’s waiting-room-style reception in Selfridges’ Wonder Room, you answer a series of questions relating to your perceptions of shape and colour. With a disembodied voice as your guide, you are then led through a series of ‘sensorial chambers’, where you can sniff everything from old books to coffee beans, which you choose one ‘meaningful’ object from.

The final room is in the corner of Selfridges, where a man in a white coat pulls together your final personal preferences and prescribes your individualised fragrance.

It sounds like a really interesting concept, and we’re really excited to visit it and find out what our signature scent should be. We’re just hoping for roses and citrus flavours over rotten eggs and wet dog!

The Fragrance Lab will run at the London Selfridges store until the end of June, and tickets are £65, including a 50ml bottle of your signature scent.

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Hayley MinnSelfridges’ Fragrance Lab will produce your own individual perfume, made just for you