Our top 5 fashion startups to watch: Thread, Jon Lou, Sizem

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Fashion and technology have often made reluctant bedfellows. But following the success of networking events like Decoded Fashion, we now have a collection of stylish new startups leading the way, with digital experiences as creative as the outfits they’re selling.

Here are five to keep an eye on.


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For anyone who has ever made a frantic call to a well-dressed friend to ask if blue and green really SHOULD never be seen, comes an idea so brilliant we can’t believe no one thought of it sooner. Thread is free, online personal shopping for time-poor (or taste-poor) men, launched in December 2013 by British entrepreneur Kieran O’Neill.

Cleverly blending human expertise with the power of technology, the site connects users with professional stylists, who use an extensive set of questions covering taste, size, lifestyle and budget to create your personal profile. An algorithm then gets to work searching a database of 10,000 handpicked outfits, and emails five weekly recommendations for you to review. Even better, they’ll send out items for you to try on – shipping and returns are free, you just pay for whatever you want to keep.

The downside: it’s only for blokes right now. But Thread is planning to branch out into women’s shopping soon – sign up now to be at the front of the queue.

Check out Thread.

By Lauren Bravo | June 20th, 2014

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