How fashion brands do social media: 5 great examples from ASOS, Topshop, Marc Jacobs

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Retailers are starting to understand it’s no longer enough to simply stock the online shelves and invite us to the shop. We’re becoming a nation of communication addicts, and some of the best fashion brands are finding fun ways to become part of their customers’ everyday lives through innovative uses of social media.

The following companies are examples of some of the smart thinking brands who understand that by publishing useful, free and gorgeous looking blogs, online magazines, Pinterest boards and videos that don’t focus solely on the products on sale, customers will not only want to buy from them – they’ll want to hang out with them.


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Launched in 2000 named “As Seen On Screen”, selling clothes similar to those in films and on TV, the rebranded ASOS is now the UK’s largest independent retailer and a reliable place to fulfil pretty much all your sartorial needs.

Alongside extensive men’s and women’s clothing, underwear and accessories there's a Marketplace hosting Vintage Boutiques, Independent Labels and Multi-brand Boutiques plus links out to Covetique, a pre-owned luxury fashion site. But that’s not anywhere near the end of the story - ASOS is blazing the trail with its use of social media to provide an immersive experience with very practical tools.

The most unique feature on offer is personalised fashion advice from 11 personal stylists, male and female, who you can chat with online between 3-8pm Sunday - Friday and 12-4pm on Saturdays as well as follow individually on Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. This could be an invaluable way of cutting through the online noise to focus on getting the best for your body out of ASOS’s extensive collection of garments.

The wealth of video content on their YouTube channels - the main ASOS channel and a separate one for ASOS Menswear - covers everything from hair, makeup and nail how to’s, celebrity interviews, fashion shoot behind the scenes videos and weekly grooming guides for men.

A monthly online magazine with celebrity interviews, fashion and music features and beauty tips plus a series of “ASOS <3’s” Pinterest boards sharing beautiful images round out the ASOS lifestyle - helpful, matey and easy on the eye.


By Laura Kidd | June 25th, 2014

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