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LINE releases new Selfie Sticker app

Belfies, relfies, shelfies, phonies… it seemed like there wasn’t much left to do with the (not especially) humble selfie. But the makers of Japan-based messaging app LINE (which my dad uses daily – parents today, eh?) didn’t let that put them off. They’ve come up with a new app, Selfie Sticker, which, as you might have guessed from the name, lets you create virtual stickers featuring your face (or any other body part, I guess – but maybe don’t send me those).

Once you’ve downloaded the app you can insert your favourite selfie into one of the illustrations on offer (there are over 130 to choose from, including brides, monsters, astronauts, and animals), adjust it to fit, and then tap to finish. There’s also the option to edit further by changing the angle and size of the photo or adding speech bubbles and text.

Then you can share your new look with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LINE (either on your timeline or in private messages). “Your friends will laugh their own heads off”, the company claims. Hopefully they’re speaking metaphorically, or I’m going to be getting some gruesome sticker selfies in response.

So far, the app’s only available for iPhone, but an Android version is on the way.

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Diane ShipleyLINE releases new Selfie Sticker app