If you love Orange Is the New Black as much as us, you need this app.

Hayley Minn Tech

If you’ve already finished watching the second series of Orange Is The New Black, and are devastated that you’re going to have to wait AGES for the next series, or, like us, you haven’t had time to even start watching the newest episodes yet, you can occupy yourself with Orange Is The New App, in the meantime.

Taking your obsession with the show to another level, you can use the app to choose from different e-cards and customise them bu adding a photo or message. You can turn your best friend into Alex’s little spoon, rock a pornstache or enjoy inside jokes like THE CHICKEN (Best episode ever).

There’s loads of fan favourite pictures to share on the app too, so you can look back and don’t have to miss Piper and the other girls too much yet.

Download it from the App Store or Google Play for free now.

By Hayley Minn | June 10th, 2014

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