10 rugged iPhone cases that will take whatever you throw at them

Diane Shipley Tech Leave a Comment

There are few things worse than accidentally dropping, smashing, or submerging your iPhone and having to confront the smug expression of your local Genius as they tell you exactly how much a repair or replacement will be. Avoid that eventuality with these tough, rugged cases that should protect your phone from damage and you from…

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INSIGHT – The 10 things I want to see from Apple’s iWatch: female focus, awesome design, best in class tracking

Becca Caddy Tech 5 Comments

The Apple iWatch is quickly becoming the Loch Ness monster of the tech world. I've heard rumours about its existence for as far back as I can remember (okay a year), but as of yet we've had no concrete evidence that it's going to be an actual, real life thing anytime soon. Of course a…

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Facebook Emotion Study: 5 ways the social network didn’t f*ck with us, but wanted to (probably)

Diane Shipley Trending 2 Comments

Oh, come ON. Are you seriously telling me you haven't spent a week manipulating 689,003 people's emotions just so you could crow about it later? How do you think I spent half-term? (We don't all have kids.) So Facebook found out they could alter people's moods by affecting what kind of statuses they saw, so…

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These celebs want you to buy their apps: Lindsay Lohan, will.i.am and Justin Bieber

Hayley Minn Tech 3 Comments

People are making absurd amounts of wealth by creating apps for smartphones, so it was only a matter of time before already-absurdly wealthy celebrities tried to get in on the action too. Increasingly seeing apps as part of their personal brand portfolio, to sit alongside perfumes and calendars, celebs like Lindsay Lohan and will.i.an are…

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10 best bright and colourful iPad Air cases for summer: Kate Spade, Knomo and Covert

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The sun is (kind of) shining, festivals are underway and our red, British sunburn is making us want to rip our shoulders off, which means only one thing: it's summertime. Over the next few weeks we'll be bringing you our pick of the best tech and accessories for the hot and sticky months ahead, including…

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Fashion designers take on tech accessories: Givenchy, Moschino, Michael Kors

Hayley Minn Tech Leave a Comment

We all love fashion and we all love tech, so when the two come together, and the top designer brands start making tech accessories, we get very excited about seeing what stylish phone and tablet covers we can get our hands on. We're taking a look at the best fashion tech-accessories on the market, from…

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Michaela Jedinak Fit.me virtual fitting room

INSIGHT – Smart shopping: How technology is making our clothes fit better

Lauren Bravo Tech 1 Comment

For anyone who has ever left a high street changing room sweating, weeping or with a partially dislocated shoulder, a glimmer of hope is on the horizon. Retailers are finally beginning to realise that they’ll sell more clothes if they have a better understanding of the way our bodies vary in shape and size (my…

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facebook like qm

UK Facebook users can now pick from over 70 gender options

Sadie Hale Tech 2 Comments

Facebook announced today that its UK users will be allowed to choose from over 70 different gender options when inputting their profile information. Under the ‘custom’ category, UK users can now select options such as ‘androgynous’, ‘cis male’, or ‘trans female’. There are also UK-specific terms, including 'intersex man’, ‘asexual’ and ‘hermaphrodite’. The super inclusive…

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Scottish scientists have grown miniature hearts to treat disease

Diane Shipley Tech Leave a Comment

Here’s something cute and potentially life-saving that also sounds just a little bit creepy, especially if you're a Margaret Atwood fan: scientists at Abertay University in Scotland have grown thousands of miniature hearts for medical research. Yes, thousands. The tiny tickers were grown from stem cells and measure 1mm across. They beat together in a…

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Fascinating new project lets you travel round the world in 27 beauty ideals

Sadie Hale Beauty, Looking good, Trending Leave a Comment

A 24-year-old radio journalist from the USA has put together a project, which demonstrates the striking disparity between different countries’ beauty standards. In a digital age where Photoshop has become synonymous with unattainable ideals, Esther Honig decided to take an unaltered photo of herself and issue freelance Photoshoppers from around the world with one simple…

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Will new selfie app Booster help you reach your goals?

Diane Shipley Tech Leave a Comment

A lot of people find that online accountability helps them stick to their goals: posting about their healthier diet, improved exercise habits, or debt reduction making them less likely to suddenly slip up and flop on the sofa mainlining Ben & Jerry’s while buying up half of ASOS. But not everyone in your network cares about…

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Feast your eyes on the beautiful Moto 360 in this new video from Motorola

Becca Caddy Tech 3 Comments

It's the wearable EVERYONE'S talking about, because it's the first gadget of its kind we'd actually wear. The Moto 360 caused a huge stir at the Google I/O developer conference earlier this week because it's done away with the bulky, square-shaped face in favour of something circular and attractive (but unfortunately it was the only gadget to…

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