Tomorrow you can even Uber your wedding

Diane Shipley Tech

It may have been in the news lately for being divisive, but Uber really just wants to have some good publicity for a change bring people together. So tomorrow it's offering couples the chance to Uber their weddings. To celebrate Pride weekend in San Francisco, this Saturday anyone in the city who opens the app will…

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UK Facebook users can now pick from over 70 gender options

Sadie Hale Tech

Facebook announced today that its UK users will be allowed to choose from over 70 different gender options when inputting their profile information. Under the ‘custom’ category, UK users can now select options such as ‘androgynous’, ‘cis male’, or ‘trans female’. There are also UK-specific terms, including 'intersex man’, ‘asexual’ and ‘hermaphrodite’. The super inclusive…

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Is Rendeevoo the new dating app you need?

Hayley Minn Tech

Rendeevoo is the first dating app that allows you to meet with someone in a hand-picked bar around London, with a tasty cocktail in your hands. The catch? You'll only have seen five Facebook photos and a short description of them – no pre-chatting allowed! You pick someone you feel attracted to, select one of…

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Fascinating new project lets you travel round the world in 27 beauty ideals

Sadie Hale Beauty, Looking good, Trending

A 24-year-old radio journalist from the USA has put together a project, which demonstrates the striking disparity between different countries’ beauty standards. In a digital age where Photoshop has become synonymous with unattainable ideals, Esther Honig decided to take an unaltered photo of herself and issue freelance Photoshoppers from around the world with one simple…

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5 things you need to know about Google Nest

Chris Price Fun

With Apple announcing its HomeKit connected home initiative earlier this month, it was only a matter of time before Google responded with its own plans for one of its latest acquisitions, Nest. But what exactly is Google Nest and how could it change your life?  1) GOOGLE WANT TO CONTROL YOUR HOME Google bought Nest…

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