This is what Android Wear smartwatch notifications will look like

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Images of some of the notifications we’ll be receiving once we get the first Android Wear smartwatch have been released by a Google employee.

Android Wear is Google’s carefully moulded smartwatch software platform, designed to help you interact with your smartphone and receive Google Now information from your wrist.

Google employee, Timothy Jordan posted pictures of notifications that would appear if your Nest thermostat was warning you of smoke in the office, along with what it will look like to pause and skip music tracks – complete with background album art – from the comfort of your wrist.

It looks like the smartwatch could be a really clean interface; something we’ve come to expect from Google. We’re really liking the look of them.

We shouldn’t have too much longer to wait to see these notifications in action, as, if reports are accurate, we could be seeing the first Android Wear-powered smartwatch, the LG G by the end of June.

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Hayley MinnThis is what Android Wear smartwatch notifications will look like