Russia rates The Sims 4 18+ due to 'harmful' same-sex relationships

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We don’t know about you, but we’re extremely excited for the release of The Sims 4, having grown up creating Sims just to drown them by making them get in the swimming pool and take away the stairs (come on, you all did it!). However, Russia obviously isn’t as thrilled about the new game as us, having given it an 18+ rating, because it includes the ability to form gay relationships.

Despite the game being widely known to be a relatively light life simulator game and rated 13+ in the USA, and PEGI 12 over here in the UK, EA, the producers of The Sims, said that the game was given a higher rating in Russia due to a Russian content rating law, stating that homosexual relationships are ‘harmful’ to children.

EA told Polygon that it will not change the game, despite the potential impact on sales. Same-sex relationships have been possible in The Sims since the release of the first game in 2000, and gay marriages have been possible since The Sims 3.

Deborah Coster, a spokesperson for The Sims, said: “One of the key tenets of The Sims is that it is up to the player to decide how to play the game. We provide the simulation sandbox and player choice and creativity does the rest.”

The Sims 4 is due to be released later this year.

By Hayley Minn | May 14th, 2014

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  • Simon Johnny

    You know what really pisses me off? When people don't understand what the Russian law is about when it comes to 'anti-gay' stuff.There is no law in Russia that says ” homosexual relationships are 'harmful' to children.”. It's not illegal to be gay, have be in gay relationship in Russia. No, in fact a gay couple can even adopt children.What is illegal is the 'propaganda' of being gay. Or rather, as a better translation the influence of a minor (of young age). We all know children are very susceptible at a young age, and the Russian law is in place to try and ensure that children are not exposed to something.Heck, both Germany and Australia have laws that are just as bad when it comes to video games, no sexual content or violence, no showing of blood… apparently that all affects kids too.But no one gives a shit when they ban a game completely in Australia or game publishers are forced to replace the red blood with green blood in zombies (they're not even real!!) in Germany before they're allowed to publish.If this 'gay' law was in Australia you wouldn't even be able to get Sims 4 there. If it was in Germany, you'd be able to get it, if, and only when EA removed the ability to have gay relationships.Just because Russia has a law that's trying to protect the children, don't go bashing on them for your LGBT rights and don't use Sims 4 as a reason to do so when at least Germany and Australia has laws on games that are weird to the rest of the world.