Aviary becomes the top app for selfies with narcissistic makeover

Aviary has always been one of our favourite photo apps and often features in our “top 10 apps” lists because of its range of filters, editing features and slick interface.

Well now Aviary’s Photo Editor is jumping on the narcissism bandwagon by introducing a raft of new features designed to perfect your selfie.

The team behind Aviary decided to give us a sneak peek of its new face-enhancing capabilities by taking one of my selfies and making it look more awesome, which is a great way to showcase the new features, moderately creepy and also a bit embarrassing for me.

First up, Aviary’s Enhance section now allows you to perk up your images based on what you’ve taken a photo of. So, being an update geared up for selfies, there’s obviously a Portrait mode, as well as Scenery, Food or Night. From what we can tell from the team’s example below, it enhances colours, adds brightness to the centre of your face and casts an ethereal glow onto the edges of your skin and hair.

Enhance > Portrait Before and After Shots


As much as we’re all about embracing our natural beauty here at ShinyShiny, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of mild photo editing now and again to remove blemishes and imperfections. Aviary now allows you to remove anything you don’t like from your face with a subtle Blemish tool, Blur smooths out wrinkles and Red Eye Remover has been upgraded to give you a better finished product. The Aviary team used Blemish to get rid of the bed frame that you could see behind my head. Clever, right?

Blemish > Zoom


Finally, Aviary said that the biggest request they’ve had from their users has been to add in a redo and undo feature. The team seems have taken inspiration from Tinder by allowing you to undo things with a swipe to the left and redo them with a swipe to the right. This may seem a little basic, but if you’ve been tweaking something for a while and then make a mistake it’s annoying and there should always be a simple way to revert back to what you were working on before.

Aviary also tinkered around with some of its standard features too, cropping my face, adding in a radial blur to take the focus away from the furniture in the background and tweaking the brightness and contrast too. What do you think of the results?

Before and After Shots from Aviary


If you’re already a fan of Photo Editor by Aviary, then you should be getting the selfie-fied update at some point today. If you’re yet to try it out, then head on over to the iOS app store and download it for free.

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Becca CaddyAviary becomes the top app for selfies with narcissistic makeover