Netflix Roulette will solve all of your movie-streaming problems

netflix-roulette-big.jpgIt’s the ultimate #firstworldproblem, you sit down with your family or friends or significant other to enjoy a Netflix binge and you just can’t decide what to watch. Sometimes it causes actual physical pain to have to make a commitment to just one movie or TV show when there are so many spinning in front of you on an endless carousel.

Enter Netflix Roulette. This super simple website will tell you what to watch, give gamblers a tiny high when they hit ‘spin’ and solve all of your other problems for you in one fell swoop. If you’re feeling a bit picky you can specify a category or whether it’s a movie or TV show you feel like and then it’ll work its magic.

FYi, according to Netflix Roulette I should totally watch Muay Thai Giant tonight.

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Becca CaddyNetflix Roulette will solve all of your movie-streaming problems
  • LauraSmith

    The same kind of random Netflix movies generator seems to be on Allflicks' site (… ), but they also have IMDb ratings under their options menu, which I think is quite cool.