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Zippy: An app to tell you if you're rubbish at to-do lists

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zippy-app-screenshot.jpgMany of us are pretty obsessed with to-do lists, whether that means writing them, making them look pretty or finding an app to collate lots together for us - actually getting the tasks done is a totally different matter.

On the surface Zippy is just another slick and intuitive to-do list app, but its insights feature analyses your to-do list habits and tells you where you can make improvements. Whether that's spending too much time on admin, jumping around tasks too much, or, the one we think we'll all be guilty of: procrastinating all the time.

There's certainly a danger with these kinds of apps and services that you'll spend so much time trying to make yourself more productive that you'll get nothing done, but Zippy is useful if you're not sure where your time is getting sucked away to and want a simple way of finding out.

Zippy is available from iTunes for 69p.

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