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HexStyli stylus review

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hexstyli.jpgStyluses are usually used by people who have gigantic fingers, unable to use touchscreen-based devices without accidentally ending up on a malicious website, which reminds me of a certain person that I father. OK, I'm not going to bitch about him here, but I am going to tell you about a new stylus that I think he, and you, the readers, would like - the HexStyli from MobileFun.

What it does

The HexStyli, which has been built for use with capacitive touchscreens, sports a built-in ballpoint pen, spirit level, ruler and two screwdriver heads.


In terms of design, the HexStyli looks very striking. It has been constructed out of metal, giving it an executive and somewhat prestigious feel.

As for the weight, it's pretty light, though feels very sturdy too.


I put the HexStyli to the test by using it with my fourth-gen Apple iPad, and the results were excellent. Unlike other styluses that I have reviewed in the past, the HexStyli didn't leave any marks on the screen of my iPad. And you don't have to press hard to get the results that you expect. When using my artistic talents in a doodle app, the precision was excellent - my drawing looked amazing. Maybe the tip of the stylus is a bit too squishy for my liking, but no major issues.


Styluses are pretty much a matter of preference: you'll either love them or absolutely hate them with a passion. I personally don't mind them, and think the HexStyli is the perfect gadget for anyone who owns a tablet PC or smartphone with a capacitive touchscreen - most people nowadays.

As well as plenty of other awesome styluses that MobileFun offers, you can get the HexStyli HERE.

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