5 upgrades for your Blackberry

Let’s face it – Blackberry is dying. The company has recently announced they’re pulling out of the consumer space and instead focusing on big corporations. So what are you going to do when it comes to phone upgrade time? Here’s five possible upgrades for your Blackberry.

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James O'Malley

James O'Malley5 upgrades for your Blackberry
  • Phil

    blackberry isn t dying!!! asshole

    • brian

      Agreed on both points!

  • brian

    To the author. I'll bet you blackberry will outlast shinyshiny.tv. Wanna bet?

  • xBURK

    How about a replacement for you? BlackBerry 10 is way better than any other operating system out there now. How about the truth for a change.

  • Truffol

    The natural upgrade to Blackberry bold is the iPhone 5S, or the 5C for the Curves. The only Android alternative is probably Vertu if someone wants to shell out $5K?