Vinyl revival! Five great record decks

Ashley Norris Tech

So the vinyl revival continues with hipsters across the globe discovering that the best way to listen to music is via an old school record deck.

But while sales of vinyl albums may have gone stratospheric, it is early days for the record player revival. Specialist audio dealers and record stores are reporting a bit of an upsurge and there appears to be a good market for second hand decks.

However there isn’t a huge amount of innovation and design going on at the lower end of the marker which means that Crosley and Ion – companies with two very different types of record players seem to be cleaning up.

If you are thinking of buying a record player of some sort then here are five that I can vouch for. Prices start at under £100 for a basic deck and run through to £1,500. The more money you pay the better quality the components and build quality and ultimately better performance. If you do opt for a pricier model remember too that you’ll need an amplifier and speakers too.


Ion Audio Live LP

Crosley Keepsake Turntable
Pro-ject Essential 2
Rega RP 3
Roksan Radius 5.3

By Ashley Norris | September 16th, 2013

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