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Goo.ey - the sticky smartphone add-on that might make your life a bit easier

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gooey1.pngThere are times in life when you really do need an extra pair of hands, especially when you are holding your smartphone, Well a brand new gadget accessory aims to make your life a tad easier.

'goo.ey' which is the brainchild Sydney born entrepreneur Rachel Verghis is add on for your smartphone that enables you to stick your mobile on to smooth surfaces like windows, mirrors or even your fridge

The £15 Goo.ey which works with the iPhone 4 & 5, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 & S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, iPad Mini and iPad (all generations) uses an adhesive polyurethane epoxy which you place on the back of your phone. Then when you push it against smooth surfaces it sticks tightly - until you pull it off that is. The rest of the time the material feels smooth to the touch.

So it could enable your phone to work more effectively as a sat nav in your car, attach to your fridge to help you to read a recipe or stick to your bathroom mirror so you can entertain yourself with a quick video while you clean your teeth.


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  • Cathy Sorci Mcilhenny

    where to buy this?????

  • J

    What's the website address to buy one?

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