Nokia phablet (and tablet) coming in September?

Ashley Norris Tech

nokia-lumia-625-2.jpgNokia is one of the few makers left that hasn’t delivered a phablet phone with a screen bigger than five inches.

The serious gossip is that is about to change with some pundits predicting that the Finnish company will announce its first big screen mobile next month.

A source has told My Nokia Blog that the phablet is on its way and that its screen will be “definitely more than 5 (inches).”

Among the other rumours are that it will sport a full HD screen – the first for a Windows Mobile phone – feature a quad-core processor, and may even be accompanied by a full-on tablet.

This seems very likely. Surely Nokia will deliver a phablet and a tablet device very shortly. It seems odd that it has left it so long to address these two growing market areas.

By Ashley Norris | August 7th, 2013

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