YO! Sushi's Robot Drone flying waiter

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This is really something else. In fact it had me checking the date to ensure that it wasn't from April 1st. Anyway everyone's favourite Japanese food emporium YO! Sushi has unveiled the iTray, a flying robot that takes food directly to diners. It sounds like its customised Drone quadrocopter - that one from Parrot I…

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Sky adds new +HD box and £10 streaming gizmo

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A couple of big-ish announcements this morning from Sky TV. The satellite TV broadcaster/broadband provider has announced the imminent arrival of a new Sky+HD box, with integrated wireless facilities and a Now TV £10 box that enables viewers to watch on demand services. The announcement of the new box was included in the company's financial…

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Watch out chubby dogs! Here comes Fitbark, a fitness tracker for canines

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Are you concerned that your dog is looking a little on the chubby side? Well no worries because some enterprising New Yorkers and our pals at Kickstarter are coming to the rescue. After fitness tracking devices for humans like Fitbit and Jawbone we may soon have a versions for dogs called FitBark. Basically it is…

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Will you be buying the Google Chromecast?

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It has been hailed as a smart move by Google, but will you be investing in one? The Google Chromecast, which debuted yesterday is a dongle that plugs into your TV's HDMI socket and enables you to stream video content from a number of devices to your screen. It is apparently compatible with Android and…

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Nokia Lumia 625 unveiled. UK launch at EE, Vodafone, CW and more in September

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And yet another new Windows-powered smartphone from Nokia. Yet the Lumia 625 which was unveiled today, is interesting for a couple of reasons. Firstly it is a budget-ish smartphone which has plenty of features by coming in at around £200 isnlt that pricey. Secondly it is the biggest Nokia Lumia phone to date with a…

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Flipboard – now targeting your web browser

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As anyone who has an iPad knows already Flipboard is a fabulous way to keep tabs on your friend's social media output.The company recently also started to enable users to update their own magazine type feeds too. Now it appears that the company has designs on your web browser too. Flipboard CEO Mike McCue has…

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Five new features that Spotify should add – charts, mistake correction and more

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Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the music streaming service Spotify. The way in which it makes almost every great album, both past and present, accessible with one click, is a wonderful thing. However there are still a few things which I think Spotify needs to address. Here are five quick…

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Apple targets students by offering £35 of apps with iPhone 5

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One key market sector where Apple is quite possibly facing tough competition recently is in the student market. Lots of youngsters quite possibly can't afford both a tablet and phone so you can see the appeal of Phablet models like the Samsung Galaxy Note. The more cash-strapped students are probably just opting for cheaper smartphones.…

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Huawei drops MediaPad 7 budget tablet

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Huawei has just dropped what looks like a rather interesting new tablet. The MediaPad 7 Youth, is as you'd expect a seven inch tablet aimed at a younger audience but its has a rather striking looking aluminum metal unibody which is both skinny and light. Spec-wise it isn't bad either,. You get With a 7-inch…

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Forget smart watches, are smart textiles and implants the future?

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We are only months away from an almighty battle for the smart watch market. Apple is rumoured to be beefing up its iWatch team, Samsung is working on a similar device and Sony has been in the market for a while with its range of watches. Might however the smart watch be a small blip…

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HTC One Mini UK launch confirmed – EE and Phones 4u first in line

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HTC has finally confirmed that it is going to debut a smaller version of its best selling HTC One Android smartphone.The HTC One Mini basically keeps much of what makes its larger sibling great, but in a smaller package with a tidier screen size - 4.3-inch 720p screen (1280 x 720). Ironically though that still…

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Clever new shopping site The Hunt launches with a bit of help from Kutcher and Banks

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The world isn't exactly short of social shopping sites at the moment. You know the places where you buy stuff and then share it via your social media accounts. Certainly fab.com loks like it is about to take over the enitire world. Here's yet another one - The Hunt - though this is is a…

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Is Apple delaying the iPhone 5S to increase its screen size?

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So you are Apple and are working on the iPhone 5S. Yet that screen that you lined up - the four inch one that was also on the iPhone 5 - now looks a little undernourished compared with the huge screen mobiles churned out by Samsung and Sony? What can you do? Well according to…

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Samsung revives the Flip Phone – in the guise of the Galaxy Folder

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Aaah mid noughties nostalgia. Remember when we all used to crave flip phones? Well it appears that we might do again, for Samsung is on course to launch an Android powered, Galaxy monikered touch screen phone as a flip! Samsung has already launched a pair of flips in its domestic market this year and now…

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HTC to take on Samsung and Sony with HTC One Max Phablet

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If you want any more evidence after this and this, that this is the summer of the really big phone, we have got some gossip about HTC. German phone site Mobile Geeks has suggested that the HTC One Max, which will be a rival for the Sony and Samsung big screen titans, will be out…

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Leave it out Thom Yorke! Why musicians need to stop bashing Spotify!

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If you were to tell me I had to lose every single website and app but could keep one (on my desert island apps interview) I would keep Spotify. I adore the music service and have been a subscriber since it first made its apps available. The way in which I can listen to music…

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