BlackBerry Q5 – launch date and UK prices revealed by retailer

blackberry-q5-1.jpgAn interesting spot by the team at Omio which has noted that one UK retailer has got a price and on sale date for the BlackBerry Q5.

Announced last month the Q5 is the cut down version of its handset the Q10 – that’s the one with the proper QWERTY keypad. It has a similar sized screen – 3.1 inches though it is slightly lower quality LCD rather than AMOLED, and slower processor and a five mega pixel camera as opposed to the eight mega pixel on on the Q10.

Anyhow, is now taking pre-orders of the phone which it says will come in the middle of July and retail for £349.98.

More from its website here.

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Ashley NorrisBlackBerry Q5 – launch date and UK prices revealed by retailer
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