Free voice calls from your iPhone via Facebook Messenger lands in the UK

Good news for the UK’s Facebook users. The Facebook Messenger app, which lets users make free calls to each other using mobiles, is now available here too.

It was launched in the US in January and has been a significant success. Now the app, which is still in beta and only for iPhone users, is available here and as long as you have it on board your smartphone and can access a Wi-Fi/3G connection you can make a call. The other caveat is that the person you want to contact also uses Messenger.If they don’t have Messenger open than you have the option of leaving a message.

Making a call is fairly straightforward. As long as you are both online you fire up the app choose who you are going to call and start ringing.

Let’s hope that the Android version isn’t too far behind.

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Ashley NorrisFree voice calls from your iPhone via Facebook Messenger lands in the UK
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