Mobile World Congress 2013 – the key phones from Nokia, Huawei and ASUS

Ashley Norris Tech

So, most of the serious stuff has finished now the Mobile World Congress. Sure the exhibition goes on for a few more days but all major announcements have been made.

So what has MWC 2013 taught us

1 That the line between phone and tablet is really starting to blur. Fancy a phone with a 7insh screen? Well you will be able to buy one soon

2 That 4.7inch screen is now the sweet spot on high-end mobile devices. Anything smaller just looks a bit dated.

3 That the basic phone might be about to make a come back. Don’t want the web, but want a phone with a battery that rolls on for days and days – well Nokia and others may have heard your pleas.

Here then are profiles of the key phones from the exhibition.

By Ashley Norris | February 26th, 2013

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