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WE HEART THIS: LED pins light up when jobs need to be done

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light-up-pins.jpgWe're always looking for new ways to get jobs done more efficiently and force our lazy little brains into being as productive as possible, which is why we love these LED pins, because they light up when the job they're pinning needs to be completed.

Designed by Kim Sung Min, It's Time to Read Me is a pinboard concept, which allows you to pin important tasks and also set reminders about when in the day they need to be completed. However, instead of an annoying alarm, the pins will slowly light up.

It's just a concept idea for now, but it won the red dot award for best design concept, so fingers crossed it'll one day become a reality and make us all super productive and happy about getting on with our jobs. Well at least it can try...

[Via Like Cool]

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