CES 2013: 5 Super smart watches and wrist accessories

Becca Caddy Tech 5 Comments

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  • http://www.facebook.com/waystowinthelottery William Branley

    So, is this watch just going to be for cooko's….lol http://shopauthenticwatches.co

  • http://www.swissoutpost.com/site/product/72915.aspx swiss military watch

    Well I am a big fan of these so not surprised.

  • http://www.uhrwelt.com/ Daniel Caleb

    Such kind of watches are very common nowadays, my younger has one of them which has a GPS, a video player and camcorder.

  • http://www.sproutwatches.com/ www.sproutwatches.com

    LOTS of rumours flying round that Apple's been working on its own smart watch for some time.

  • http://www.sproutwatches.com/ Sprout Wrist Wathces

    which was only ever able to tell the time and possibly look a little bit stylish at the same time.